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Ipswich Motorway Upgrade: Rocklea to Darra Stage 1 (Granard Road to Oxley Road) project


Rocklea to Darra - Stage 1 is the 3km upgrade of the Ipswich Motorway between Granard Road, Rocklea and Oxley Road, Oxley.


Ipswich Motorway between Granard Road and Oxley Road, Rocklea/Oxley.

  • Reliability – improved traffic flow and reduced congestion creating more reliable, consistent travel times.
  • Safety – upgraded road safety on the motorway with improved sight distances, safer access to and from the motorway.
  • Connectivity – enhanced local connectivity for all road users, pedestrians and cyclists with new service road connectors reducing the need for local trips on the motorway.
  • Flood immunity – improving the motorway’s flood immunity by constructing higher bridges over Oxley Creek.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is managing the project.


The Australian and Queensland governments have committed funds for the upgrade.

Metropolitan Region

Project info

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is upgrading the eastern end of the Ipswich Motorway between Rocklea and Darra in a staged approach reducing traffic and delivering value for money on one of Queensland's major motorways.

Rocklea to Darra - Stage 1 covers a 3km section of the Ipswich Motorway from Granard Road, Rocklea to Oxley Road, Oxley. This is the next most critical section of the remaining 7kms of the Ipswich Motorway still to be upgraded.

Rocklea to Darra - Stage 1 includes:

  • upgrading the motorway from 4 to 6 lanes
  • higher bridges over Oxley Creek, including 7 new bridges
  • new southern service road connection from Rocklea industrial precinct to the Oxley commercial and retail areas
  • new northern service road connection over Oxley Creek floodplain
  • new traffic signals at the Suscatand Street intersection.

The project will improve travel time, reliability, safety, local connectivity and flood immunity by:

  • providing safer access to and from the motorway
  • increasing the motorway's capacity
  • constructing higher bridges over the Oxley Creek area
  • providing improved active transport facilities
  • providing better local road connectivity.

Stage 1 concept map: March 2017

This section of motorway is a very constrained corridor, passing through high density commercial industrial precincts between Granard Road and Oxley Road. Works will be staged to effectively manage the upgrade of the motorway while under live traffic conditions.

Over 85,000 vehicles use the motorway daily including 12,000 commercial vehicles travelling to their destinations highlighting the need to keep road users moving. 

This $400 million package aims to address the major concerns received by the department during consultation with the community in 2012.

The need for upgrading further stages of the Ipswich Motorway to the west of Oxley Road is recognised. However, like all projects, further stages are subject to road network priorities and the availability of funds.


The Rocklea to Darra preferred upgrade option is part of the master plan to finish the full 19km upgrade of the Ipswich Motorway and will tie into already completed upgrades in the western corridor. 

The preferred upgrade option released in 2012. For more background information, please visit our Ipswich Motorway Planning Study Darra to Rocklea page.

Contact details

Phone: 1800 204 990 (Freecall)
Post: Ipswich Motorway Upgrade: Rocklea to Darra
Stage 1, (Granard Road and Oxley Road) project
PO Box 70
Spring Hill QLD 4004
(no stamp required)

Community info

Permanent closure of the Donaldson Road exit ramp from 8pm on 25 October 2017

The Donaldson Road exit ramp will be closed to allow for construction of the new service road connection over the Oxley Creek floodplain on the northern side of the motorway.

The closure is part of the permanent upgrade works that will reduce the number of entry and exit points on the motorway. This will help improve safety and operation by reducing the number of locations of merging and diverging traffic on the motorway.

Access to businesses between the closed exit ramp and Donaldson Road (1917 – 2015 Ipswich Road), and the Donaldson Road overpass will be via the Suscatand Street exit ramp. Temporary signage will be in place to assist road users.

Map of the exit ramp closure and alternative access arrangements

Once the upgrade is complete the new northern service road will extend from the Oxley Road roundabout to the Granard Road interchange and will improve local connectivity and help keep local trips off the motorway. This will provide another access alternative to the Donaldson Road exit ramp.

Cyclists and pedestrians prohibited from the Ipswich Motorway - Granard Road, Rocklea to Oxley/Blunder Roads, Oxley

From 14 October 2017 motorway signage will be updated to prohibit cyclist and pedestrians from using the Ipswich Motorway between Granard Road, Rocklea and the Oxley Road roundabout (Oxley).

Cyclists that currently use the Ipswich Motorway may like to consider using the Cycling Brisbane Route Planner to find an alternative route.

Cyclist and pedestrian connectivity will be maintained during construction. The completed project will include improved cyclist facilities on the northern service road, including a section of separated cycle path between the Granard Road interchange and the Oxley Creek floodplain.

Service relocation works

The relocation of critical above and underground services along the Ipswich Road service road between Boundary Road, Rocklea and Bannerman Street at Oxley will soon be underway.

The works within this footprint will relocate gas, water, telecommunications and electrical services to make way for the major road upgrade.

Works started in mid-November 2016 and are expected to continue through to December 2017 (weather, site and construction condition permitting). Further minor service relocation works maywill be undertaken during the rest of the construction period for the project.

Generally the works will be carried out between 6am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

For more information, please view our March 2017 notification.

Investigative works

Investigatory works are underway on the project. Works will be undertaken in multiple locations both during the day and night throughout the project footprint to inform detailed planning for construction. 

These investigations will provide information about the ground conditions at the site including the location of underground services along the corridor, which will inform the design of the project, and how it is constructed. 

Please view our July 2017 notification for more information. 

Latest news

Construction to start in late October

The Department of Transport and Main Roads’ contractor Bielby Hull Albem Joint Venture (BHA JV) will start construction of the Ipswich Motorway Upgrade: Rocklea to Darra – Stage 1 project in late October 2017.

The main focus of upcoming works will be around the Oxley Creek floodplain, as well as on the westbound motorway between Granard Road and Donaldson Road.

The majority of the works will be carried out during the day, Monday to Saturday. However to reduce impacts on through traffic, night works will also occur.

What to expect:

  • Clearing of vegetation
  • Trenching and underground boring in the road reserve
  • Drilling and piling
  • Temporary lane closures and reduced speed limits
  • Traffic changes
  • Minor traffic delays
  • Installation of portable concrete barriers along the motorway to separate work from traffic
  • Pedestrian and cyclist diversions
  • Additional lighting, where required
  • Noise from reversing beepers, trenching, vehicles, drilling and piling machinery
  • Dust, vibration and odour from work activities.

Traffic management including lane control and reduced speed limits will apply during the works. Traffic controllers and construction signage will be in place to safeguard road users and road workers.

We will keep you updated about changes to the motorway configuration such as on and off-ramp closures.


Works are due to start in late October 2017 and continue through to late 2020 (weather, site and constuction condition permitting).

Work hours

The majority of the works will be carried out during the day between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday. Night works will be required to reduce impacts on motorway through traffic and will be carried out typically on Sunday to Thursday nights.

Community information stands

Come along to one of our community information stands to find out more about the project and meet our community relations team.

Location Date Time
BP Service Station
Boundary Road & Randolph Street
24/10/2017 10am–2pm
The Station Oxley (o/s Woolworths)
133 Oxley Station Road
06/11/2017 3pm–5pm

Winning tender announced

Queensland based Bielby Hull Albem Joint Venture was announced as the winning tenderer on Thursday 20 April 2017.

The project will now enter into detailed design with construction expected to commence in October 2017.

Construction is expected to be completed by late 2020.

Last updated
13 October 2017