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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Superseded - 4 Electrical and ITS

MRTS91 Conduits and Pits:

MRTS92 Traffic Signal and Road Lighting Footings:

MRTS93 Traffic Signals:

MRTS94 Road Lighting:

MRTS95 Provision of Switchboards:

MRTS97 Mounting Structures for Roadside Equipment:


MRTS98 Standalone Solar (PV) Powered Lighting:


MRTS200 General Requirements for Intelligent Transport Systems Infrastructure:

MRTS201 General Equipment Requirements:

MRTS202 Provision of Variable Message Signs:

MRTS203 Provision of Weigh-in-Motion System:

MRTS204 Provision of Vehicle Loop Detectors:

MRTS206 Provision of Variable Speed Limit and Lane Control Signs:

MRTS207 Traffic Survey Data Management (TSDM) Foundation Equipment:


MRTS210 Provision of Mains Power:

MRTS214 Provision of Wireless Traffic Sensors (WTS):

MRTS216 Provision of Road Condition Information Signs:

MRTS217 Motorway Ramp Information Signs:


MRTS218 Vehicle Activated Signs:


MRTS219 Internally Illuminated Pavement Markers:


MRTS220 Third-Party Radio Facilities in Transport and Main Roads Transport Corridors:


MRTS221 Help Phones:

MRTS222 Electronic School Zone Signs:

MRTS225 Imaging:

MRTS226 Telecommunications Field Cabinets:

MRTS227 Provision of Changeable Message Signs:

MRTS228 Electrical Switchboards:

MRTS229 Electronic Traffic Control Signs:

MRTS231 Provision of Road Weather Monitors:

MRTS232 Provision of Field Processors:

MRTS233 Roadway Flood Monitoring Systems:

MRTS234 Communications Cables:

MRTS245 Principal's Telecommunications Network:

MRTS250 Provision of Automatic Number Plate Recognition System:

MRTS251 Provision of Traffic Counter/Classifier:

MRTS252 Next Generation Traffic Signal Controllers:


MRTS253 Traffic Signal Lanterns:


MRTS254 Portable Traffic Signals:


MRTS255 Traffic Signal Controllers:

MRTS256 Power Cables:

MRTS257 Feeder Cable and Loop Cable for Vehicle Detector:

MRTS259 Transportable Generator:


MRTS260 Temporary Variable Speed Limit Signs:

MRTS262 Temporary Variable Message Signs:


MRTS263 Standalone Solar (PV) Power Systems:


MRTS264 Type-1 Portable Traffic Signals:


MRTS265 Type-2 Portable Traffic Signals:

Last updated 29 November 2023