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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Use of terms in advertising taxi and limousine

Only licenced taxis and limousines can use the following words when advertising a taxi or limousine service:

Licenced taxis may use:

  • taxi
  • taxi-cab
  • other similar expressions.

Licenced limousines may use:

  • limousine
  • limo
  • other similar expressions.

Businesses providing a taxi or limousine service may only advertise services they are authorised to provide.

The Queensland Government has legislated the above criteria for advertising to ensure the community receives appropriate services from authorised and accredited providers using appropriately licensed vehicles.

Fines and sanctions

People or entities that use these terms without authorisation will risk being fined $619 and a maximum penalty of up to $6,192. The Department of Transport and Main Roads Compliance Officers are actively enforcing these requirements.

Examples of prohibited advertising

  • A business providing booked hire services with booked hire vehicles, with a website and printed marketing material offering services using limousines.
  • A business registered as 'Imperial Limousines' which provides booked hire services in booked hire vehicles only, with vehicle branding containing the words 'Imperial Limousines', a phone number and a service description offering limousine services.
  • A business advertising a taxi service on Gumtree or other internet site where the business does not own or lease any licensed taxis.

Further information about advertising a taxi and limousine service:

Last updated 30 June 2023

Fee increase

On 1 July 2023 our fees and charges increased by 3.4% in line with the government's indexation policy.