Kenmore Bypass Planning Study

A study has been undertaken to investigate a bypass at Fig Tree Pocket using the existing preserved corridor.

The preferred planning option for a potential Kenmore Bypass has been completed.

The preferred planning option is a 4-lane bypass (2 lanes in each direction), linking Moggill Road to the Centenary Motorway.

Motorists travelling on the proposed bypass would link directly to Moggill Road to travel south, with a T-intersection for those wishing to travel north on Moggill Road.

The bypass option includes connections to the Centenary Motorway, as well as a reconfiguration of the Centenary Motorway and Fig Tree Pocket interchange. Gem Road would also be reconfigured to pass under the bypass, connecting more directly to Sunset Road.

A shared off-road pedestrian and cyclist path would be provided along the entire bypass route with a connection to the Centenary Bikeway. 


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Reduces travel time
  • Increases traffic flow

Key features

  • Proposed 4-lane bypass (2 lanes in each direction) linking Moggill Road to the Centenary Motorway. The proposed bypass will link directly to Moggill Road to travel south.
  • Connections to Centenary Motorway.
  • Shared off-road pedestrian and cyclist path with a connection to the Centenary Bikeway.


Currently no funding available to build the Kenmore Bypass.

Current status

The Kenmore Bypass Planning Study is now finished. The project team has reviewed the results from technical and environmental investigations and community feedback to develop the preferred option.

The planning study has confirmed a Kenmore Bypass is technically and environmentally feasible and has also identified potential property requirements which will be used to preserve the corridor as development occurs around it.

The next step is for the Government to assess the affordability and priority of the project. Currently there is no decision or funding to build a Kenmore Bypass.

Kenmore Bypass proposed design options 

Planning design for the Kenmore bypass planning study

Moggill Road intersection

Kenmore bypass legend Preferred Option: B

Key features:

  • The bypass would link directly with Moggill Road to the south, with a signalised T-intersection to access Moggill Road to the north.

Advantages of Option B

  • More efficient traffic flow
  • Encourages traffic to use the bypass.
Gem Road connection

Preferred Option: C

Key features:

  • Realignment of Gem Road through Kingfisher Park
  • Underpass connects Gem Road more directly to Sunset Road
  • Shared pedestrian and cyclist underpass on western side of Gem Road
  • Intersection upgrades required at:
    • Sunset Road / Twilight Street
    • Annabel Street/Gem Road
  • Loss of some greenspace on eastern side of Kingfisher Park
  • Improved flood immunity on Sunset Road.

Advantages of Option C:

  • Least number of property impacts
  • Provides improved conditions for pedestrians, cars and buses by reducing steep grades and improved alignment
  • Can be constructed with least disruption to local traffic flow.
Centenary Motorway intersection

Preferred Option: B

Key features:

  • Fig Tree Pocket interchange is completely reconfigured
  • There is no direct connection between the Kenmore Bypass and Fig Tree Pocket Road in either direction Northbound Kenmore Bypass traffic joins the Centenary Motorway via a separate ramp before Fig Tree Pocket
  • Northbound to Fig Tree Pocket, traffic exits at Kenmore Bypass and travels along a ramp under the Kenmore Bypass to the Fig Tree Pocket interchange
  • Southbound Fig Tree Pocket traffic joins the Centenary Motorway via a separate ramp before the Kenmore Bypass interchange.

Advantages of Option B

  • Northbound Kenmore Bypass traffic has direct access on to the Centenary Motorway (does not have to go through the Fig Tree Pocket interchange)
  • Eliminates weaving between Fig Tree Pocket traffic and Kenmore Bypass traffic on both sides of the Centenary Motorway
  • Provides a connection between Centenary Motorway and Kenmore Bypass with reduced stopping points.