About the New Generation Rollingstock trains

Features and amenities

On-board toilet

Until the NGR accessibility upgrades are installed, each NGR train has 1 on-board toilet located in the third or fourth carriage (depending on the direction of travel).

The toilet module includes a toilet, coat hook, mirror, baby change table, hand wash basin, soap dispenser, hand dryer, and 2 Emergency Help Points (EHPs).

Once the accessibility upgrades are installed there will be 2 toilet modules in each of the 75 NGR trains.

Allocated spaces for mobility aids

There are a total of 12 allocated spaces for people who use mobility aids. These spaces are distributed over the middle 2 carriages (third and fourth carriages) with 6 spaces in each carriage.

The location of these carriages aligns with the assisted boarding point locations at stations.


All NGR trains have Queensland Rail Wi-Fi available for passengers.

Infotainment screens

In each of the 6 NGR cars, there are 6 LCD infotainment screens which display informative messaging. The screens are vision-only and don't have any sound.

There are also traditional static displays throughout the train.

Passenger safety and security

NGR train safety and security features

The NGR trains have the following passenger safety and security features:

  • ‘Passenger Emergency Intercoms’ in each car that will alert the driver and guard of an emergency
  • internal and external CCTV cameras with movement sensors
  • smoke detection system that is designed to ensure early detection and containment of fire within the car
  • Crash Energy Management System designed to absorb energy in the event of a collision, reducing the impact on crew and passengers
  • high-backed seats designed to improve crash safety performance for passengers
  • maximised aisle widths with photo luminescent (or glow-in-the-dark) markings for emergency evacuations.

Size and capacity

NGR trains have a total passenger capacity of approximately 964 people, including 454 seated and 510 standing (depending on conditions).

The trains are 147m long and weigh 260 tonnes.

European Train Control System (ETCS)

All NGR trains have been designed for the future installation of the European Train Control System (ETCS) which will safely enable further network capacity increases.

Construction and delivery

Qtectic designed the NGR trains in Queensland and assembled them at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Savli, India.

Once assembled, each NGR train travelled via cargo vessel from the Port of Mumbai to the Port of Brisbane, and was then hauled to the NGR Maintenance Centre at Wulkuraka. 

Operation and maintenance

Queensland Rail staff operate the NGR trains.

The NGR trains are maintained, serviced and repaired by Qtectic at the purpose-built NGR Maintenance Centre at Wulkuraka, west of Ipswich.

Queensland Rail maintains, services and repairs the other trains in the Queensland Rail fleet.

Deployment to the network

New Generation Rollingstock services currently operate on the following lines:

  • Gold Coast line
  • Airport line
  • Doomben line
  • Northgate line
  • Springfield line
  • Redcliffe Peninsula line
  • Ipswich line
  • Caboolture line
  • Shorncliffe line
  • Cleveland line
  • Sunshine Coast line (to Nambour station).

New Generation Rollingstock trains will operate on further lines in South East Queensland as required by Queensland Rail.