Northern Transitway

The department is delivering targeted bus priority from Kedron to Chermside, improving the safety and capacity of this important link in Brisbane's northern public transport network.

This project is a cost-effective solution to provide a high-quality public transport corridor, which will support high frequency on-road bus services and enable reliable travel times, encouraging more people to use public transport.


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Reduces travel time

Key features

  • A dedicated bus lane, both inbound and outbound, along Gympie Road between Kedron and Chermside benefiting over 5,000 people during peak periods each weekday.
  • Travel time savings of up to 6 minutes on some services during peak periods.
  • Higher frequency of services at bus stops within the project corridor, increasing from every 15 minutes to every 5 minutes or better during peak periods.
  • Provides greater access to high frequency bus services.
  • Bus stops that are accessible and compliant with disability access requirements.
  • Improved pathways for bike riders and pedestrians.
  • Removal of unsignalised right-turn movements within the project corridor to improve the safety for all road users.
  • A new set of traffic signals at the intersection of Gympie Road and Boothby Street, including dedicated right-turn lane and U-turn facility, to provide safe access for locals and businesses.


The project is part of the Passenger Transport Infrastructure Investment Program, which aims to deliver critical enabling infrastructure to achieve a connected, integrated network that offers value to customers and makes public transport an attractive option for everyone.

Northern Transitway Gympie Road, Kedron to Chermside location map

Northern Transitway final design map

Current status

Northern Transitway construction has started and is expected to be completed by mid-2024, weather and construction conditions permitting.

Works have been delayed due to significant clashes with old unidentified underground public utilities services throughout the project site. Additional works were required to replace old underground stormwater drainage structures that were in poorer condition than anticipated. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused for the local community. 

The detailed service planning of the bus network will continue to be refined. This includes final route alignments and stopping patterns to ensure that we can best service the passengers who utilise these services.