Park Ridge Connector

We are preserving the Park Ridge Connector, a future transport corridor to connect communities planned at Park Ridge, Flagstone and Yarrabilba to services and employment.

The Park Ridge Connector is an important future transport corridor that will cater for the growth and development of areas in and surrounding Park Ridge which is expected to happen in the next two decades under the Logan City Council’s Structure Plan.


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Increases traffic flow
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Reduces travel time
  • Contributes to regional growth
  • Better active transport
  • Reduces maintenance

Key features

The Park Ridge Connector will:

  • provide connectivity for residential and industrial development in Park Ridge and the southern Logan area, linking to nearby centres like Browns Plains and Logan Central as well as the Gateway and Logan Motorways
  • help relieve future congestion on local roads, and state-controlled Mount Lindesay Highway and Wembley Road
  • provide a safer, more efficient route for heavy vehicles travelling into and out of the Crestmead Industrial Estate
  • provide connectivity from the Park Ridge area to the Port of Brisbane to allow for the future growth of industrial traffic from Crestmead Industrial Estate.

Park Ridge Connector Corridor map

Park Ridge connector map

Strategic planning and partnering

Future growth in the region will see large new urban communities, enterprise precincts and major activity centres established at Park Ridge, Yarrabilba, Flagstone and Bromelton. This development will increase pressure on the transport network and will require new road, rail and bus networks.
The future Park Ridge Connector is one of the responses to meet the challenge of this increasing transport demand.
It is important to preserve the corridor now, even though a new road will not be required for 20 years or more, so that future development can be planned around it, particularly in the Park Ridge development area.

Planning Partnership

We are working with the Logan City Council in partnership to achieve a coordinated planning approach for the area and its future transport corridor. We will integrate state government strategic transport planning with local government transport and land use planning. Through working together the state and council will be able to improve the future access and connectivity of the Logan Motorway, Mount Lindesay Highway, Browns Plains Road and other strategic road links.

Community Stakeholder Reference Group

A Community Stakeholder Reference Group was established at the start of the Park Ridge Connector study. The members represented community interests from a business, social and environmental perspective, ensuring a balance and diverse range of views across the area of interest.

The group played a key role in identifying core community values, which have assisted the department and Logan City Council to identify a possible location for the Park Ridge Connector.

Community info

We undertook consultation to gather feedback from the community about the proposed location of the preserved corridor.

Consultation on the proposed corridor location (August – September 2012)

From August to September 2012, we engaged with the full range of stakeholders, including affected property owners, community members and local businesses and included community information sessions, static displays and a telephone survey. Feedback gathered during the consultation period informed the decision to preserve a corridor for the Park Ridge Connector.

Supporting information

Park Ridge Connector Community Consultation Report (PDF, 0.98 MB)

Fact sheet (PDF, 2.06 MB)

Frequently asked questions (PDF, 135 KB)

Consultation on the refined area of interest (October – December 2011)

From 18 October to 31 December 2011, we worked with the Logan City Council to consult with stakeholders including the community on a refined area for the future Park Ridge Connector. Information about this process is contained in the Engagement Activity Snapshot (PDF, 65 KB)

Supporting information

Park Ridge Connector Review of Environmental Factors Overview (PDF, 8.23 MB)

Park Ridge Connector Review of Environmental Factors Technical Report (PDF, 5.76 MB)

Park Ridge Connector newsletter – October 2011 (PDF, 2.55 MB)

Park Ridge Connector Community Consultation Report (PDF, 0.98 MB)

Park Ridge Connector Corridor Preservation Study

As part of our planning for the corridor, we undertook the Park Ridge Connector Corridor Preservation Study.  Through the study we were able to identify and preserve land for a future transport corridor, through technical investigations and community consultation. The Queensland government announced the preservation of the corridor in March 2013 and released a report on the community consultation on the proposed corridor.

Park Ridge Connector Community Consultation Report