Beaudesert to Beenleigh corridor safety improvements

Safety improvements works are underway on sections of the Beaudesert to Beenleigh corridor. Works will be undertaken at various locations on the route between Beaudesert and Beenleigh including at Tabragalba, Birnam, Mundoolun and between Tamborine and Wolffdene.

Beaudesert–Beenleigh Road

Work is now underway at multiple locations between Cedar Creek and Tamborine to remove roadside hazards including vegetation removal. 

Additional work will be undertaken by July 2021 with targeted road safety improvements, including improved linemarking/signage, audio tactile linemarking, removing roadside hazards, localised road widening and safety barriers at Birnam, Mundoolun, and between Tamborine and Wolffdene.

Work is also underway near the Schmidt Road intersection at Cedar Creek to replace culverts below the road and undertake safety improvements.

These works will be funded from an $18 million commitment from the Australian and Queensland governments to improve road safety.

Beaudesert–Nerang Road

Road safety improvement works are underway on Beaudesert–Nerang Road on a 3.7km section between Brooklands Drive and Beaudesert–Beenleigh Road, Tabragalba.

Work involves road and shoulder widening, wide centre line treatment, guardrail installation, pavement rehabilitation, two coat bitumen sealed surface, culvert and drainage works, and some driveway alterations.

Construction started in October 2020 and will continue until mid-2021.

Funding for this project includes $6 million from the Australian and Queensland governments' commitment for the Beaudesert to Beenleigh corridor and $6 million from the Queensland Government.


  • Improves safety
  • Increases traffic flow
  • Reduces peak hour congestion

Key features

  • Targeted safety treatments such as widening shoulders and centre lines, updating linemarking, signage, removing roadside hazards and safety barriers.
  • Widening of the road formation, pavement rehabilitation, spray sealing, culvert and drainage works on Beaudesert-Nerang Road between Tabragalba and Beaudesert.


The Australian and Queensland governments has invested $18 million for road safety works on the Beaudesert to Wolffdene project, in an 80:20 split under the State Targeted Road Safety Program (TRSP). This funding is split across various works on the Beaudesert to Beenleigh corridor.

$12 million is allocated to Beaudesert-Beenleigh Road between Tabragalba and Wolffdene (TRSP). Investment ID 1702403

$6 million from the TRSP funding is allocated to Beaudesert-Nerang Road from Beaudesert to Tabragalba. An additional $6 million from the Queensland governments yearly Maintenance, Preservation and Environment (MPE) program has also been allocated, bringing the total investment on this project to $12 million. Investment ID 1701992

Total investment
$24 million
Australian Government
$13.2 million
Queensland Government
$10.8 million

Current status

Construction is underway on Beaudesert-Nerang Road at Tabragalba and at various location on Beaudesert–Beenleigh Road.

Safety improvements locations on sections of the Beaudesert to Beenleigh corridor map

Safety improvements works locations on the Beaudesert to Beenleigh corridor. Locations on the route shown include Tabragalba, Birnam, Mundoolun and between Tamborine and Wolffdene