Beaudesert-Beenleigh Road safety improvements

We are undertaking safety improvements on Beaudesert–Beenleigh Road.

$18 million has been allocated by the Australian and Queensland governments (80:20 funding) to continue safety improvements along the Beaudesert to Beenleigh corridor. More information on the location of these safety improvements will be available in the near future.

We are continuing with safety improvements on Beaudesert–Beenleigh Road, with the final project as part of the $12 million package being the realignment of the road 750 metres from the Beaudesert–Nerang Road intersection. These works will involve widening the road to the east, widening the shoulders and improving the crossfall of the road. This will be the second project undertaken along the road at Birnam and is expected to start in late 2020.

Previous projects

As part of the $12 million package, work was undertaken at Birnam in 2018/2019 which included shoulder widening, installation of wide centreline treatment, and clearing of hazards from the roadside.

A project at Luscombe was undertaken in 2019 and included curve widening and realignment over a 400 metre section.

The $5.88 million works on Beaudesert–Beenleigh Road between Luscombe Crescent and Dunns Road at Wolffdene was completed in March 2019. The project included shoulder widening, speed restriction signs, removal of roadside hazards and installation of additional safety guardrail. 

A speed limit review was undertaken for the length of Beaudesert–Beenleigh Road. The review considers several factors including crash history, traffic volumes, types of vehicles using the road, the geometry of the road and its role in the road network.

The findings of the review were endorsed by the local speed management committees which consists of representatives from TMR, Queensland Police Service, RACQ and the relevant local council. Speed limit changes along the road were rolled out between March and June 2019.


  • Improves safety

Key features

  • Shoulder widening and clearing of roadside hazards at Birnam.
  • Curve widening and realigning at Luscombe.
  • Shoulder widening, speed restriction signs, removal of roadside hazards and the installation of an additional guardrail between Luscombe Crescent and Dunn Road at Wolffdene.
  • Speed limit review and changes for the length of Beaudesert-Beenleigh Road.


Total investment
$35.88 million
Australian Government
$14.4 million
Queensland Government
$21.48 million