Cunningham Highway (Ipswich – Warwick), 2020 Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements reconstruction works

Following extensive damage from the Southern Queensland bushfires at Cunninghams Gap in November and December 2019, TMR is working to restore pre-bushfire functionality to the Cunningham Highway at Cunninghams Gap.

The Cunninghams Gap Reconstruction Project is one step closer to construction with design now underway. This project will repair significant slope damage caused by the severe bushfires of 2019.


  • Returns local roads
  • Improves safety
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Better road access
  • Restores damaged infrastructure

Key features

The project involves restoring lanes on the eastern side of Cunninghams Gap back to their pre-bushfire functionality, and installing new protective rockfall barriers, with catch fencing, to maintain safety for motorists.


Assistance will be provided through the jointly funded Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA). Investment ID: 1452806

Total investment
$84.27 million
Australian Government
$63.2 million
Queensland Government
$21.07 million

Current status

The design phase for the Cunninghams Gap Reconstruction Project is now underway. Comprehensive geotechnical and structural investigations of the area’s complex topography carried out earlier this year are informing the current design work.

The detailed design is planned to be complete by late 2021, which will enable procurement of a construction contractor later this year for Stage 1 works to start in early 2022.

Stage 1 works are expected to start in early 2022. The works will involve slope survey activities to identify high risk areas and rope access by geotechnical experts. Once the areas are identified, works will be required to remove material at risk of falling and to stabilise the rockface above the road. These works are required to make the area safe for Stage 2 reconstruction works to commence.

The exact timing and scope of Stage 1 works are yet to be confirmed, however, are expected to involve significant temporary changed traffic conditions for the safety of motorists and workers.

Stage 2 works involve the installation of rockfall fencing and reinstatement of the lane configurations and will commence following Stage 1 works. More information will be provided when a start date is confirmed.

Cunninghams Gap Reconstruction Project - preliminary design

Image of proposed works on the Cunningham Highway Ipswich Warwick 2020 Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements reconstruction works project