Cunningham Highway safety upgrades – Warwick to Inglewood

Planning is underway to make the Cunningham Highway safer between Warwick and Inglewood.

Feedback has been sought from communities between Warwick and Inglewood to identify potential safety improvements on the Cunningham Highway. This feedback is being used to plan for treatments that will reduce the risk of fatal and serious injury crashes on the highway.

The Cunningham Highway is an important connection between Goondiwindi and the Southern Downs. The safety of motorists and heavy vehicle drivers on this road is vital in ensuring economic development of industries in these areas.

Feedback received from the community is being used in the business case that will propose safety upgrades for future funding.


  • Improves safety
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Contributes to economy
  • Contributes to regional growth

Key features

  • Community consultation to identify safety issues occurred in July 2021.
  • Development of a business case to propose safety upgrades for future funding is underway.


The project is funded by the Transport Systems Planning Program.

Total investment
Queensland Government

Current status

Planning is currently underway. The community, businesses, residents and road users were invited to provide feedback in July 2021. Feedback from the community suggested turning lanes, widening, signage and line marking to increase safety. These suggestions are currently being considered in the planning development and will assist with prioritising funding for future construction.

Project map

Project map