Clontarf - Anzac Avenue (Elizabeth Avenue), construct active transport overpass

A pedestrian overpass over Elizabeth Avenue was installed to provide a safe crossing facility between Clontarf Beach State High School's main campus and Department of Education fields across the road.

The overpass provides the highest level of student protection at this location where the school campuses are split by a busy 4-lane, high-speed road. The fields are used by the school for class activities and events, with the potential for increased use of the fields with an overpass facility.

The department's school environment safety recommendation for this location was an overpass, as it removes potential conflicts between vehicles and students.

This overpass:

  • improves connectivity with Clontarf Beach State High School's facilities on either side of Elizabeth Avenue
  • provides safer movements for pedestrians (including the elderly and less mobile), bike riders and mobility devices
  • benefits school students and the community.


  • Improves safety
  • Accessibility
  • Contributes to economy
  • Better active transport

Key features

  • Construction and installation of a single span overpass with protective safety screen—the overpass is compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.
  • Staircases which connect to the overpass ramps.
  • Lockable access to the eastern campus of Clontarf Beach State High School.
  • Extension of the existing pathways to connect to overpass ramps.
  • Pedestrian barrier fencing on the Elizabeth Avenue median, between Isobel Street and Oasis Court.
  • Fauna fencing to prevent native wildlife from accessing the road.
  • Planted trees to improve koala habitat for the Hays Inlet area.


This project was jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments on an 80:20 basis. Investment ID 2253925

Total investment
$22 million
Australian Government
$17.6 million
Queensland Government
$4.4 million

Current status 

Construction is now complete.

Koala safety plan

We have consulted with the City of Moreton Bay Council and local koala protection groups to improve koala safety in the area by restricting access to the road network and planting habitat trees in more suitable locations. The project did not trigger statutory requirements for koala safety measures, however, we have implemented a number of fauna protection measures including a fauna exclusion fencing plan to help stop native animals accessing the road and LED signage to warn drivers at this location. The planting of koala trees, to improve koala habitat for the Hays Inlet area at the adjacent Ray Frawley Fields and Sunstate Park, Kippa-Ring, is now complete.

Koala safety plan for the Clontarf - Anzac Avenue (Elizabeth Avenue), construct active transport overpass project