Gatton-Helidon Road, pavement widening

Traffic flow and safety are being improved on Gatton-Helidon Road.

Gatton-Helidon Road is an important rural road connecting agricultural communities in the Lockyer Valley, including Gatton, Grantham and Helidon with the Warrego Highway.

The project involves constructing safety improvements at 4 high-speed sections of Gatton-Helidon Road to improve traffic flow and reduce the risk of fatal and serious injury crashes.

The project involves constructing a range of safety treatments, including road widening, installing wide centre lines, dedicated turning lanes, audio tactile line marking, new signage and line marking and removing roadside hazards. Construction will be completed in 4 stages.


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Increases traffic flow
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Reduces travel time
  • Contributes to economy
  • Contributes to regional growth

Key features

  • Road widening and installing a wide centre line to improve the separation between vehicles travelling in opposite directions and reduce the risk of head-on crashes.
  • Installing dedicated right and left turning lanes at Old Toowoomba Road and Flagstone Creek Road intersections to improve traffic flow and reduce the risk of rear-end crashes.
  • Audio tactile line marking on the centre line and edge lines through the high-speed sections.
  • Wider road shoulders at smaller intersections to allow through traffic to more easily overtake turning vehicles and move around turning vehicles.
  • Improving visibility and safety of the roadside environment by clearing vegetation, removing hazards and re-shaping table drains.
  • New signage and line marking will be installed at Robinsons Road, Wells Road, Old Toowoomba Road and Flagstone Creek Road intersections.
  • Stabilising the cuttings between the Lockyer Creek Bridge and Old Toowoomba Road.


The Australian and Queensland governments have committed $67.1 million to deliver the Gatton-Helidon road safety upgrades through the Australian Government's Road Safety Program. Investment IDs 3035392 and 2081571

Total investment
$67.1 million
Australian Government
$33.55 million
Queensland Government
$33.55 million

Current status

Construction of safety improvements at 4 high-speed sections of Gatton-Helidon Road is scheduled to start in July 2024.

Gatton-Helidon Road, pavement widening project location map

  • Section 1 - between Robinsons Road and Gatton-Clifton Road.
  • Section 2 - between Lockyer Creek Bridge and Armstrongs Road, Grantham, including the Old Toowoomba Road intersection.
  • Section 3 - between Nicholls Street at Grantham and east of the railway underpass to Lawlers Road.
  • Section 4 - west of the railway underpass to Lawlers Road and east of the Warrego Highway underpass, including the Flagstone Creek Road intersection.

Each section will include road and intersection widening, installation of culverts, wide centre line treatment and audio tactile line marking.