Gold Coast Light Rail (Stage 3) Broadbeach South to Burleigh Heads, construct light rail

Gold Coast Light Rail is a world class public transport system for residents and visitors to the Gold Coast.

Stage 3 is delivering a 6.7km extension south of the existing tram network to link Helensvale and Burleigh Heads.


  • Reduces travel time
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Contributes to economy
  • Accessibility

Key features

The Gold Coast Light Rail system is designed to be delivered in stages to respond to population growth.

The project will connect communities with business and jobs, hospitals and medical facilities, education, shopping, dining, entertainment and sporting centres. 

Through this critical infrastructure we will support the Gold Coast and its continued growth over the next 2 decades.

Key features of Stage 3: 

  • 6.7km extension from Broadbeach South to Burleigh Heads. 
  • Dual track in the centre of the Gold Coast Highway. 
  • 8 stations. 
  • Retain 2 traffic lanes either side of light rail tracks. 
  • 5 additional trams.
  • A journey time of around 16 to 17 minutes from Broadbeach South station to Burleigh Heads.


The Australian Government, Queensland Government and City of Gold Coast are funding the project. Investment ID 938148

Total investment
$1.2 billion
Australian Government
$395.6 million
Queensland Government
$713.3 million
Local Government
$91.5 million
An additional $18.6m for ancillary works to be delivered in conjunction with the Stage 3 project.

Current status

What to expect during construction

The John Holland project team are keeping residents and businesses informed of upcoming construction activities and their potential impacts. 

To stay up to date as the project progresses, email the project team to register for updates or visit the GoldlinQ project website.

Community engagement

The project team undertook community engagement in August 2018. 

Feedback received noted:

  • nearly 7 in 10 people wanted more public transport services preferring light rail over bus
  • 86% supported Stage 3 and wanted the extension to the Gold Coast Airport as soon as possible
  • 72% of Stage 3 corridor residents supported future light rail extensions
  • 80% of Stage 3 corridor businesses supported future light rail extensions and wanted it as soon as possible. 

In the past few years, local media polls have also shown similar results.    

Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3

Video description

The Gold Coast Light Rail system has 19 stations from Helensvale to Broadbeach serviced by 18 G:link trams.

Light Rail is transforming the Gold Coast by providing a world class public transport service that is safe, comfortable, reliable and positioning the city for sustainable growth.

At completion of Stage 3, the operating system from Helensvale to Burleigh Heads will be 27km with 27 stations serviced by 23 trams.