Lindum Station Precinct Study

We are undertaking the Lindum Station Precinct Study to determine how to best enhance safety and accessibility.

The study has investigated transport issues relevant to the Lindum precinct, including:

  • traffic and pedestrian movements
  • bus and rail operations
  • active transport connections
  • Park 'n' Ride facilities
  • station improvements 
  • road network proposals.

The study included community consultation, which helped us to better understand the area's current and future transport challenges and opportunities. This enabled us to map a way forward to ensure a safe and reliable transport system for the future.

Work to improve the Lindum Station precinct is now progressing as a result of the study, with delivery of safety upgrades to the Lindum Station level crossing completed in 2021, and planning for short-term upgrades and longer-term solutions underway



  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Better active transport
  • Reduces travel time
  • Better road access
  • Increases car parks

Key features

  • Intersection upgrades 
  • Park 'n' Ride expansion
  • Station improvements
  • Active transport connections
The study identifies potential solutions for further investigation. These changes will improve traffic movement, pedestrian, cyclist and commuter safety, and improve overall connectivity within the precinct. Longer-term potential solutions will ensure that current and future growth within the precinct is addressed appropriately.

Short and medium-term solutions

  • Traffic lights at the intersection
  • Intersection road network upgrade
  • Station upgrade
  • Park 'n' Ride expansion
  • Improved pedestrian and bicycle connectivity across the rail line
  • Precinct accessibility and movement improvements

Completed works

Brisbane City Council and Queensland Rail delivered safety improvements to the Lindum Station level crossing in 2021, including a longer boom gate, new traffic median islands, new pavement and road marking.

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Next steps

The Australian and Queensland governments, together with Brisbane City Council, are working to prioritise critical upgrades for the Lindum Station precinct at Wynnum West.

The potential solutions for the precinct are now undergoing detailed planning to confirm design requirements:  

  • The Queensland Government is progressing detailed planning for Lindum Train Station accessibility upgrades, including an improved pedestrian overpass with lift access and Park 'n' Ride facility upgrades. The Queensland Government has committed $40 million to these safety and accessibility enhancements.
  • Brisbane City Council and Queensland Rail, together with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, are investigating short-term upgrades for the Lindum level crossing intersection, including signalisation and intersection reconfiguration. 
  • The Australian and Queensland governments and Brisbane City Council are working together to develop a preliminary business case to investigate potential long-term grade separation of vehicles and active transport from the rail corridor.

In addition to Queensland Government commitments, the Australian Government and Brisbane City Council have committed $85.4 million and $40 million respectively to Lindum Level Crossing precinct upgrades, totalling $165.4 million across all levels of government.