Lindum Station Precinct Upgrades

We are working with all levels of government to improve safety and accessibility at the Lindum Station and level crossing.

We have investigated transport issues relevant to the Lindum precinct, including:

  • traffic and pedestrian movements
  • bus and rail operations
  • active transport connections
  • park 'n' ride facilities
  • station improvements
  • road network proposals.

An earlier study completed in 2019-20 included community consultation, which helped us to better understand the area's current and future transport challenges and opportunities. This enabled us to map a way forward to ensure a safe and reliable transport system for the future.

Work is continuing to deliver further intersection safety upgrades and accessibility upgrades for the precinct.


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Better active transport
  • Reduces travel time
  • Increases car parks
  • Accessibility

Key features

  • Intersection upgrades
  • Park 'n' Ride expansion
  • Station improvements
  • Active transport connections

Projects underway at Lindum will improve traffic movement, pedestrian, bike riders and commuter safety, and improve overall connectivity within the precinct.

Longer-term potential solutions will ensure that current and future growth within the precinct is addressed appropriately while enhancing safety and accessibility.


Level crossing intersection upgrade

$40 million has been committed for delivery of the Lindum intersection realignment and signalisation.

  • $20 million Australian Government
  • $10 million Queensland Government
  • $10 million Brisbane City Council

Lindum Station accessibility upgrade and park 'n' ride upgrade

$62.4 million Queensland Government.

Current projects

Work to prioritise critical upgrades for the Lindum Station precinct at Wynnum West has started.

Level crossing intersection upgrade

Brisbane City Council, in collaboration with the Australian and Queensland governments, are progressing planning for further safety upgrades for the Lindum level crossing intersection including an intersection realignment and traffic signals.

Lindum station accessibility upgrade

Queensland Rail is delivering an accessibility upgrade at Lindum station.

Completed works

Safety improvements to the Lindum Station level crossing were completed in 2021. Works included:

  • longer boom gate
  • new traffic median islands
  • new pavement and road marking.

A new carpark was opened in December 2022, delivering 30 new parking spaces at Lindum Station (Sibley Road).

Long-term solutions

In partnership with the Australian Government and Brisbane City Council, we have investigated long-term solutions including separating road from rail with a road overpass. Delivery of a grade-separated overpass in this location remains a longer-term consideration.

An overpass or underpass would be complex and have high capital costs, along with property and environmental impacts that would need to be carefully planned for. Future planning for a grade separated overpass or underpass would also be subject to future growth in transport activity at the precinct.