Linkfield Road Overpass upgrade

The Linkfield Road Overpass upgrade project has started the design phase, following the conclusion of planning and community consultation in late 2021.


  • Improves safety
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Reduces travel time
  • Contributes to economy

Key features

  • Reduce congestion and traffic queue lengths.
  • Improve interchange ramp geometry.
  • Provide for active transport through the interchange.


This project is funded by the Australian and Queensland governments. Investment ID 1160465

Total investment
$125 million
Australian Government
$100 million
Queensland Government
$25 million

Current status

Detailed planning started in September 2020 and was completed in late 2021. 

Community consultation summary

Community consultation was undertaken in May 2021.

We received: 

  • 2 phone calls
  • 4 direct emails
  • 11 feedback forms submitted at information sessions
  • 139 online surveys
  • 150 stakeholders attended across 3 information sessions.

Responses received included: 

  • 86% support the upgrade with key themes around improving the interchange
  • 26% support the widening or duplicating the bridge
  • 15% would like to see an upgrade of Gympie Arterial Road on and off-ramps.

Common themes and comments included: 

  • duplicating the bridge and allow for separated facilities for pedestrians and bike riders
  • congestion during morning and afternoon peak times
  • upgrading the on and off-ramps to Gympie Arterial Road
  • traffic lights at the on and off-ramps to Linkfield Road and Gympie Arterial Road. 

Read the full Linkfield Road Overpass Upgrade Community Consultation Summary Report

Linkfield Road Interchange Upgrade project map