Accessibility upgrades

While passengers with a disability can access and travel on the New Generation Rollingstock trains, some compliance issues have been identified in terms of access to and functionality of key facilities on the train.

During 2018, we carried out an in-depth consultation program with the disability sector to explore design changes and resolve non-compliances, within the limitations of the Queensland Rail narrow gauge network.

As a result of this process, we have committed funding to upgrade the NGR trains and provide improved functionality across the entire NGR fleet.

The NGR accessibility upgrades will include:

  • reconfiguration of the unisex accessible toilet module to an extended footprint to meet dimensions and improve functionality in line with the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 (DSAPT)
  • adding a second unisex toilet module to all 75 trains to ensure all wheelchair accessible spaces have compliant access to accessible facilities
  • reconfiguration of seating and allocated spaces in both accessible cars
  • increase in the number of priority seats throughout the train
  • improved signage (including wording and braille)
  • additional grab/handrails, and redesign of equipment to make it easier to operate for customers with limited dexterity
    changes to functionality and additional systems for assistance request and information.

Installation of the upgrades on the first NGR train is now underway. The first upgraded trains will be back in passenger service in South East Queensland in early 2021. All 75 NGR trains will be upgraded and back in passenger service by 2024.

The accessibility upgrades are being delivered at the Downer rail plant at Maryborough.

We will continue to engage with the disability sector throughout the upgrade process.

Accessibility upgrade timeline

  • 29 October 2019: First NGR arrives in Maryborough to begin installation of accessibility upgrades.
  • Early 2021: First train with accessibility upgrades back in passenger service.
  • 2024: All 75 NGR trains modified with accessibility upgrades and back in passenger service.