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Getting to know the New Generation Rollingstock (NGR) train

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The $4.4 billion dollar New Generation Rollingstock project is the largest single investment by the Queensland Government in trains.

The project is delivering 75 6-car trains to the South East Queensland passenger rail network, which will result in a significant increase to the overall size of the fleet.

A dedicated maintenance centre at Wulkuraka, west of Ipswich, has been constructed and will be where the NGR trains will be maintained, serviced and repaired for the next 30 years.

Each 6-car NGR train has a passenger capacity of 964 people; including 454 seated and 510 standing.

Seating has more leg room on average than the existing fleet.

All seating is wall-mounted, enabling space underneath for bag and luggage storage.

High-backed seats have been designed to provide improved crash safety performance and greater comfort for passengers.

Overhead dropper handles and larger, more ergonomic seat handles are available for standing passengers.

NGR trains include a number of new and improved customer comfort, accessibility and safety features:

  • 38 Emergency Help Points.
  • Large, easy to press buttons with high-contrast Braille signage.
  • 12 'press for assistance' buttons in the third and fourth cars to alert the guard of the passenger requiring non-emergency assistance.
  • 12 clearly marked allocated spaces for people who use mobility aids – 6 in each of the train's third or fourth cars
  • a hearing aid loop system in the allocated spaces and priority seating areas.
  • 24 priority seats clearly marked with red fabric – there are 4 priority seats with arm-rests per car
  • 53 motion-controlled internal and external CCTV cameras for passenger and train crew security and safety
  • Entry and exit buttons centrally located on the doors which have colour contrasting decals on the interior and exterior panels.

In each of the 6 cars there is:

  • Queensland Rail Wi-Fi
  • air-conditioning
  • 6 LCD display screens
  • increased aisle widths
  • slip resistant and colour contrasting flooring
  • large single panel windows
  • LED lighting
  • internal and external Passenger Information Displays.

Each NGR train has 1 on board toilet module.

The toilet module includes a baby change table, mirror, coat hook, rubbish and sharps disposal bins, hand wash basin, automatic soap dispenser and hand dryer, and 2 Emergency Help Point buttons.

On both the existing fleet and NGR trains, assistance is provided at any station, on any service and on request through direct communication with Queensland Rail staff.

New Generation Rollingstock train features

Video Transcript

Entry and exit buttons are centrally located on the doors.

Store bags and luggage underneath your seat.

Access Queensland Rail Wi-Fi in all 6 cars.

Hold the overhead dropper handles or seat handles to steady yourself.

Check upcoming station information on Passenger Information Displays.

Press the 'Open/Close' button to operate the toilet door.

Press the 'lock' button to secure the toilet door.

NGR train safety and security features

Video Transcript

53 internal and external CCTV cameras

High-backed seats for improved crash safety performance

38 Emergency Help Points

Dropper handles and seat handles for standing passengers