North Brisbane Bruce Highway Western Alternative, planning

The department has commenced a planning study to investigate options for a new transport corridor through the north Brisbane and Moreton Bay regions between Beerburrum and north Brisbane.

The future Bruce Highway Western Alternative (BHWA) will provide an alternative route to the Bruce Highway to help alleviate congestion and accommodate future growth in the area. 

The fast-growing region requires a proactive approach to confirm transport needs, evaluate options, and prioritise and scope infrastructure projects.

Planning for the first stage of the corridor, an 8.3km section between Moodlu and Moorina, is being progressed as a priority, given the urgent need to identify land requirements and protect land through Caboolture West due to development pressures.


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Increases traffic flow
  • Better road access
  • Accessibility
  • Reduces travel time
  • Contributes to economy
  • Contributes to regional growth
  • Better active transport

Key features

Stage 1 (Caboolture West)

  • Improves access for emerging communities within and around Caboolture West.
  • Improves safety.
  • Increases certainty on future development within Caboolture West.
  • Increases transport capacity.
  • Supports future economic development of the Moreton Bay region.
  • Preserves and supports the existing function and efficiency of the Bruce Highway.
  • Reduces travel time.


The study is funded by the Queensland and Australian governments on a 50:50 (federal:state) basis contributing $10 million each. Investment ID 1213513

Total investment
$20 million
Australian Government
$10 million
Queensland Government
$10 million 

Current status

Planning for the project is ongoing, with corridor protection activities to be undertaken in a staged approach as planning progresses for future stages of the BHWA.

Timeframes for more detailed planning, design and construction of the BHWA Stage 1 (Caboolture West) project are unknown at this time and will depend on future funding commitments.

Identifying a corridor

Early planning has now been finalised for Stage 1 of the BHWA, and a preferred alignment (including the corridor requirements) has been identified. In addition to considering feedback received from the community, a broad range of technical investigations were undertaken.

This includes traffic and network performance, natural and built conditions, safety, environmental, cultural heritage, legislative and engineering considerations, and future land use considerations. 

The central option has been identified as the preferred alignment for Stage 1 of the BHWA corridor. 

We are now consulting with directly affected landowners within the central option alignment, with a view to protect and gazette Stage 1 of the corridor through Caboolture West in early 2022. The broader community is also invited to provide feedback on future stages. 

Central option

The central alignment starts from the D’Aguilar Highway and travels south towards Caboolture River Road, staying close to the power easement. 

The central option has been selected based on a number of significant technical merits, including the following key high-level considerations:

  • impacts significantly fewer existing properties when compared to the eastern option
  • enables better crossings of various waterways, reducing the corridor's environmental and flooding impacts – additionally it will not impact Sheepstation Creek Conservation Park
  • enables connectivity to the planned higher order road network within the Caboolture West Structure Plan – it supports high level access to the proposed town centre, key enterprise and employment areas, and access to and from the D'Aguilar Highway
  • has flatter terrain, meaning there is less need for bridge structures and less material will need to be removed during construction, reducing overall cost when compared to the other options.
Project map

Map showing the 'Central option'

Preferred option of the Bruce Highway Western Alternative – central option alignment through Caboolture West. 

Future stages

Identifying and protecting the corridor for the BHWA is an important transport planning initiative. Sections of the study area for the corridor are highly developed with challenging terrain, environmental, flooding and other planning constraints. 

TMR is taking a staged approach to complete planning for the BHWA corridor and has considered development pressures and input from Moreton Bay Regional Council in prioritising the sequencing of future stages and corridor preservation activities.

The next priority is Stage 2 which runs south of Caboolture West, from Moorina to Narangba, and is about 13km in length. Planning to identify the land required for future stages of the corridor will follow.

Map of future stages

Bruce Highway Western Alternative – future planning stages. 


TMR is dedicated to minimising potential impacts to the environment or areas of cultural significance from transport projects.

TMR will carefully consider the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the Bruce Highway Western Alternative and actively engage the community for feedback as part of the planning process.