Bruce Highway rest area trial

To provide heavy vehicle drivers with real time information about rest area availability, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) technologies will be installed at 6 heavy vehicle rest areas along the Bruce Highway in Queensland.

We will use the information gathered from this trial to analyse rest area usage and make improvements.

The trial is in response to intervention 21 of the Heavy Vehicle Safety Action Plan 2019-21.

Rest area locations

Rest areas will remain open while the technologies are being installed at:

  • Ogmore heavy vehicle rest area - installation completed October 2020
  • Gin Gin heavy vehicle rest area
  • Miriam Vale heavy vehicle rest area
  • Waverly Creek heavy vehicle rest area
  • Christmas Creek heavy vehicle rest area
  • Helens Hill heavy vehicle rest area

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) technologies

Advanced warning signs

Advanced warning signs will alert heavy vehicle drivers of parking availability on the road side, approximately 5km out from the rest area. This will allow heavy vehicle drivers to effectively manage their fatigue by planning their journey and use rest areas as a safe place to stop.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras will be used to monitor vehicles entering and exiting the rest area. We will also collate information about the types of heavy vehicles using the rest area including how long they are staying.

Smart Energy

To improve safety and security wind turbines will be installed to power lighting and CCTV cameras.

More information

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