Robina to Tugun Rail Impact Assessment Study

We have examined technical environmental, social and economic aspects and identified a preferred alignment for the rail corridor from Robina to Tugun.

In 2005, we identified a possible corridor to extend heavy rail south of Robina to Tugun. Following community consultation, a preferred rail corridor between Robina and Tugun was identified and preserved in 2008. The first stage between Robina and Varsity Lakes was then constructed in 2009. Further investigations were also conducted in 2009 as part of a wider Robina to Tugun Rail Impact Assessment Study that considered technical, environmental, social and economic impacts on a preferred rail alignment.

The Queensland State Infrastructure Plan confirms the Varsity Lakes to Elanora extension as part of long term planning, outside of the current program of works. 


  • Improves network efficiency

Current status

We continue to plan for the expansion of the South East Queensland rail network to support areas of growth, including the southern Gold Coast. The Cross River Rail project will open up the core of the network.

The South East Queensland Rail Horizon report confirmed the existing SEQ rail network will not have the capacity to expand into new areas until Cross River Rail has been completed.

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