Samford Road intersection improvements

Initial community consultation was undertaken on proposed safety and traffic improvement works at key intersections along Samford Road, at Glen Holm Street and Osborne Road.

In late 2018, a planning study was completed along Samford Road, between Imbros Street and Dawson Parade.

The planning study investigated options to improve safety and through-traffic movements at key intersections including Dawson Parade, Glen Retreat Road, Glen Holm Street, Blackwood Street, Osborne Road, Taylors Road, Pickering Street, Kedron Avenue and Imbros Street.

The study identified that minor intersection upgrades would improve safety and relieve congestion along Samford Road, particularly during peak hours.

The key identified intersections for upgrades are Pickering Street (completed), and Glen Holm Street and Osborne Road, which are progressing.

Samford Road has been experiencing congestion, particularly during peak hours, and is an important road connecting community to the north-western suburbs of Brisbane.

Some of the issues identified in the report included:

  • limited road reserve width, as narrow as 20m, constrains this section of the corridor
  • limited median and protected right-turn pockets, resulting in turning vehicles delaying through movements and a reduction in capacity
  • the pedestrian movements also inhibit shared turning lanes which reduce capacity.

Recommendations are focused on interim intersection improvements that can be delivered along Samford Road, mostly in the road corridor. The recommended improvements include minor civil works and to minimise land impacts.

Further community consultation for Osborne Road and Glen Holm Street will occur in early to mid-2021.


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Better road access
  • Reduces travel time
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Increases traffic flow

Key features

The improvements at Pickering Street and Samford Road include:
  • removal of the right-turn pocket into Pickering Street
  • optimisation of existing traffic signals 
  • minor civil work treatments, including line marking, new signs and kerbing.

The improvements at Glen Holm Street and Samford Road include:

  • installing unsignalised, right-turn outbound lane at the Glen Holm Street intersection
  • minor pavement widening to provide short right-turn pocket on Samford Road (outbound) into Glen Holm Street
  • reducing the blocking of the Samford Road (outbound) movements caused by vehicles extending past the right-turn pocket.

The improvements at Osborne Road and Samford Road include:

  • installing additional right-turn outbound lane at the Osborne Road intersection
  • minor civil work treatments, including line marking, new signs and kerbing
  • reducing the likelihood of blocking the Samford Road (outbound) movements reducing potential for blockages. 


We have committed $7.48 million in total to deliver the Samford Road intersection improvements.

The Queensland Government has allocated the following funding in the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program 2019-20 to 2021-22 (QTRIP):

- $380,000 for removing the right turn into Pickering Street as part of the Safer Roads Sooner Program
- $600,000 for Osborne Road intersection to undertake further investigation
- $6.5 million for Glen Holm Street to undertake pre-construction and construction activities as part of the State Road Network Upgrade (SRNU) Program. 

Total investment
$7.48 million
Queensland Government
$7.48 million

Project timeline

Pickering Street and Samford Road, Gaythorne

Construction was completed in late September 2020.

Glen Holm Street and Samford Road

Preconstruction expected to be completed by late 2021. Construction expected to start early 2022.

Osborne Road and Samford Road

Further planning to be carried out by early 2021.
Map of Samford Road intersection improvements
Map of Samford Road interection improvements