Samford Road safety improvements

Design is progressing to improve safety along Samford Road, between Lomandra Access Road picnic area and Camp Mountain Road, and at the Camp Mountain Road intersection.

The project is aimed at reducing the rate and severity of crashes along this section of Samford Road.


  • Improves safety
  • Contributes to economy
  • Improves ride quality

Key features

  • Road resurfacing for a safer, smoother surface.
  • Removing the 750-metre westbound overtaking lane.
  • Installing additional guardrail for greater protection from roadside hazards.
  • Shoulder widening and wide centre line treatment to separate through traffic and reduce the potential for head-on and loss-of-control crashes.
  • Drainage improvements. 

Camp Mountain Road intersection improvements

  • Installing raised median and traffic islands to separate through traffic and reduce the potential for head-on and loss-of-control crashes.
  • Pavement rehabilitation.
  • Drainage improvements.
  • Installing new lighting and signage.


Total investment
$6.32 million
Queensland Government
$6.32 million

Current status

We are currently reviewing feedback received during the consultation period, which ended on 5 March 2021, and we thank the community for its valuable feedback. 

The project team is investigating whether alternative design options may be suitable and will update the community as this work progresses. 

Additional information

Samford Road has been identified for safety improvements due to its history of head-on and run-off crashes with a high proportion of serious injuries.

A key area identified in our Samford Road crash history review is the 750m westbound overtaking lane. Speed survey data shows that while road users, including heavy vehicles, in the westbound lane generally travel at the posted 70 km/h speed limit, motorists are using the westbound overtaking lane at speeds greater than 80 km/h.

Speeding behaviour, in combination with other factors such as the current road environment, is contributing to the road's high crash history. As a result, we are proposing to remove the overtaking lane as part of the project's safety improvements.

We have determined the overtaking lane removal would significantly improve safety for all road users by removing an opportunity for motorists to exceed the speed limit. Generally, overtaking lanes are necessary to improve safety at locations where a portion of vehicles, such as heavy vehicles, are unable to travel at the posted speed limit due to the road environment. However, this is not the case for Samford Road, where speed survey data shows most vehicles can travel at the posted speed limit.

On average, we anticipate removing the overtaking lane will add about 1 minute of travel time to journeys along Samford Road between Ferny Hills and Samford Village.

Samford Road safety improvements design layout 1

Samford Road safety improvements design layout 2