Strathpine - Samford Road (Eatons Crossing Road and Mount Samson Road), improve intersection and route safety

Construction is underway for safety improvements on Strathpine-Samford Road between Eatons Hill and Samford Valley.

Strathpine-Samford Road, locally known as Eatons Crossing Road and Mount Samson Road, is a busy main road connecting Eatons Hill to Samford. Between 7,000 and 14,000 vehicles use various sections of this road every day.

A route safety study of the full length of Strathpine-Samford Road was finalised in late 2019. A number of safety treatments were recommended to form the Strathpine-Samford Road Route Safety Project.

The project includes an upgrade of the Eatons Crossing Road and Lilley Road intersection to a signal-controlled intersection, as well as safety improvements to a number of other intersections along the corridor.


  • Improves safety
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Better active transport
  • Increases traffic flow
  • Contributes to economy

Key features

  • Signalising the Eatons Crossing Road and Lilley Road intersection, Warner.
  • Widening Strathpine-Samford Road just west of Queen Elizabeth Drive to Gibbons Road. 
  • Installing a wide centre line treatment to provide additional separation between vehicles travelling in opposite directions.
  • Shoulder widening to provide additional trafficable area to pull over, assist emergency vehicles to pass, accommodate wide vehicles and greater separation between cars and bike riders.
  • Providing safety barriers at various locations and removing roadside hazards (including necessary vegetation clearing).
  • Modifications at several intersections including dedicated right-turn lanes at Dawneta Court, Albion Road, Lascelle Court, Boland Court, Hodge Road, Lergessner Road, Lawson Road, Alpine Drive and Gibbons Road.
  • Installing a dedicated left-turn lane at Clear Mountain Road, Hodge Road, Lergessner Road, Alpine Drive and Gibbons Road to separate turning vehicles from through-traffic lanes. 
  • Improved bike rider safety with 2m wide shoulders marked with bike symbols and intersection conflict points marked with green paint and bike symbols. 
  • Provision of new police enforcement bays at identified locations. 


This project is fully funded by the Queensland Government under the Targeted Road Safety Program. Investment ID 1572868

Total investment
$75.2 million
Queensland Government
$75.2 million

Current status

Construction is underway.

Strathpine - Samford Road (Eatons Crossing Road and Mount Samson Road), improve intersection and route safety location map

Strathpine - Samford Road (Eatons Crossing Road and Mount Samson Road), improve intersection and route safety project map

City of Moreton Bay's Green Infrastructure Network Delivery Program

The department is working with the City of Moreton Bay to support its Green Infrastructure Network Delivery Program, which proposes a range of fauna safety improvements on various state and local roads (including Eatons Crossing Road). This program will help deliver effective fauna management treatments on state-controlled roads in the City of Moreton Bay area.

Environmental assessment

An environmental assessment was conducted to understand potential impacts on the natural environment. Efforts are being made to retain vegetation where possible, and compliance with legislative requirements for vegetation clearing will be maintained. Replanting will offset the removal of vegetation. All existing wildlife awareness pavement markings will be reinstated as part of the project.


The department engaged with property owners and residents along Eatons Crossing Road and Mount Samson Road during the project's design phase to gather feedback and ensure that community needs were taken into account. 

Throughout the construction phase, there will be temporary effects such as traffic patterns, the presence of noise, dust, vibrations and altered lighting conditions. Every effort will be made to keep disruptions and noise to a minimum during construction. The department will work closely with the construction contractor to effectively manage and mitigate impacts as much as possible.