Strathpine–Samford Road Route Safety Project

Design is underway to improve safety on Strathpine-Samford Road between Eatons Hill and Samford.

Safety improvements such as intersection upgrades and road widening along Strathpine-Samford Road (locally known as Eatons Crossing Road) will improve safety for all road users.

Strathpine-Samford Road is a busy main road connecting Eatons Hill to Samford. Between 7,000 and 14,000 vehicles use various sections of this road every day.

Following a route safety study (finalised in late 2019) for the full length of Strathpine-Samford Road, a number of route safety treatments have been recommended to form the Strathpine-Samford Road Route Safety Project.

Design will be done in 2 packages:

  • Package A: From South Pine Road, Eatons Hill to Cedar Creek, Draper
  • Package B: Cedar Creek to just north of Serendipity Drive, Samford Valley.



  • Improves safety
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Better active transport
  • Increases traffic flow

Key features

  • Signalising the Eatons Crossing Road and Lilley Road intersection, Warner.
  • Widening Strathpine-Samford Road to accommodate wide centre line treatment (from Queen Elizabeth Drive to Gibbons Road).
  • Providing safety barriers at various locations and removing roadside hazards (including necessary vegetation clearing).
  • Upgrading several intersections (including Lascelle Court, Clear Mountain Road and Mount Samson Road) with various turn treatments to improve safety, including dedicated turning lanes that separate turning vehicles from through-traffic lanes.
  • Road widening works to include new enforcement bays at identified locations.


Queensland Government's Targeted Road Safety Program.

Total investment
$57 million
Queensland Government
$57 million

Current status

Design work is progressing for Package A safety improvements on Strathpine-Samford Road from South Pine Road, Eatons Hill to Crdar Creek, Draper.

Project map

A map showing Package A and Package B