Sunshine Motorway (Mooloolaba – Peregian), Buderim – Mooloolaba interchange to Maroochy Boulevard, planning

The department has commenced planning to improve the efficiency, capacity and safety of the Buderim-Mooloolaba Interchange and the road network between this interchange and Maroochy Boulevard.

This planning aims to provide an economical and sustainable long-term infrastructure solution to these busy interchanges, connecting motorists to the Maroochydore City Centre, Mooloolaba, Buderim and the Sunshine Motorway.

The department is working closely with Sunshine Coast Council during the planning stages to deliver the best possible outcome for users of the busy state-controlled interchanges and the interconnected local government-controlled arterial roads.


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Increases traffic flow
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Reduces interchange queuing
  • Better road access
  • Accessibility
  • Reduces travel time
  • Contributes to economy
  • Contributes to regional growth
  • Better active transport

Key features

  • Identify interchange upgrades that meet future traffic demand.
  • Identify staged upgrades for the short to medium-term.
  • Improve network safety and efficiency in the Maroochydore precinct and enhance transport network resilience.
  • Address community access and amenity issues, including improving bicycle and pedestrian accessibility, connectivity and overall safety.


This project is fully funded by the Queensland Government. Investment ID: 467886

Total investment
$1.6 million
Queensland Government
$1.6 million

Current status

Buderim-Mooloolaba Interchange is a key urban interchange on the Sunshine Motorway comprising a northbound and southbound exit ramp from the Sunshine Motorway and a southbound entry ramp to the Sunshine Motorway.

Due to the interchange's proximity to Maroochy Boulevard Interchange, no northbound entry ramp to the Sunshine Motorway exists with access via Maroochy Boulevard Interchange.

Every day around 20,000 vehicles travel Buderim-Mooloolaba Road. The interchange currently operates under congested conditions during weekday peak periods with limited cycle and pedestrian facilities through the project area.

Traffic volumes are expected to increase as the Sunshine Coast economy and population grows, contributing to the need for this upgrade.

We are currently undertaking planning to identify a preferred option for a long-term upgrade of Buderim-Mooloolaba Interchange and connecting roads, and to identify a corridor to be preserved for future upgrades.

Consultation with the community was undertaken in November and December 2021. We would like to thank the community for the contributions, interest and feedback provided during the first phase of community consultation. 

There is no funding allocated for detailed design or construction. Funding for the upgrade will need to compete against other infrastructure priorities across the state.

The needs and impacts of the Caboolture to Maroochydore Corridor Study are a key consideration for TMR in planning this upgrade.

Sunshine Motorway (Mooloolaba – Peregian), Buderim – Mooloolaba interchange to Maroochy Boulevard location map

Location map of Maroochy Boulevard interchange

Location map depicting the Buderim-Mooloolaba Interchange.