Tamborine–Oxenford Road, Howard Creek Causeway, upgrade flood immunity

Construction has now started on the Howard Creek Causeway upgrade (approximately 11km from Oxenford) on Tamborine–Oxenford Road. The upgrade, at Wongawallan, will provide a safer road alignment with increased flood immunity.

The project will:

  • upgrade the existing pipe culverts to a multiple cell box culvert structure
  • widen the road approaches
  • upgrade the intersection of Lanes Road and Colin Meagher Road
  • improve intersection lighting. 


  • Improves safety
  • Improves flood immunity
  • Better road access
  • Contributes to economy

Key features

  • New multiple cell box culvert structure.
  • Raising and widening the road.
  • Upgrading the Lanes Road and Colin Meagher Road intersections.


Australian and Queensland Governments announced funding for this project on 22 June 2020. Investment ID 733737

Total investment
$10 million
Australian Government
$8 million
Queensland Government
$2 million

Current status

Construction started in October 2021 and is expected to continue until mid-2022.

Project layout

Project layout showing new culverts, and left and right turn lanes