Warwick principal cycle network plan, business case

This project will establish a long-term vision to provide fit-for-purpose bike riding facilities along a desirable principal bike route in Warwick encouraging more people to ride more often.

This project is part of a statewide strategy to help improve active transport options for Warwick residents, visitors and commuters. Together with Southern Downs Regional Council, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) will be looking at how to create a safe, direct and connected bike route that allows more people to ride more often.

In the coming months, TMR and Southern Downs Regional Council will be consulting with key stakeholders and the community to better understand the current challenges and opportunities for bike riders.

TMR will be looking at 2 site locations:

  • Site 1 - Cunningham Highway (Wood Street) and Dragon Street intersection.
  • Site 2 - New England Highway (Wallace Street) and Pratten Street intersection.

Southern Downs Regional Council will be looking at a single connected network along Dragon, Pratten and Easey streets being:

  1. Dragon Street from Victoria to Pratten streets
  2. Pratten Street from Dragon to Easey streets
  3. Easey Street from Pratten to Wood streets

Although there is no funding for construction, feedback from the community will assist in developing a long-term vision for the bike route while TMR and Southern Downs Regional Council look for opportunities to progress delivery.


  • Improves safety
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Contributes to economy
  • Contributes to regional growth
  • Better active transport

Key features

  • Planning for a new bike route to encourage bike riders of all abilities to use the facility.
  • A route plan ready for design development.


This project is fully funded by the Queensland Government. Investment ID: 1517273

Total investment
Queensland Government

Current status

We are currently undertaking planning for the project and will begin consultation in late August 2021.

Warwick principal cycle network plan, business case location map

Image of Warwick principal cycle network plan, business case locations. Cunningham Highway and Dragon Street intersection, and the New England Highway and Pratten Street intersection.  Dragon, Pratten and Easey streets.