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Australias Disability Strategy 2021 2031

The national disability strategy, Australia's Disability Strategy 2021–2031, was launched in December 2021. The Australia's Disability Strategy is committed to "creating an inclusive community together". The Australia's Disability Strategy will continue to build on the previous Commonwealth National Disability Strategy 2010–2020 but will focus on implementing strategies to improve the lives of people with disability and to create an inclusive community that ensures people with disability reach their potential.

Underpinning this strategy is an overarching framework designed to embed the principles of human-centred design and consultative collaboration with people with disability reference groups. The Australia's Disability Strategy has 7 outcome areas listed as follows that collectively will ensure people with disability have improved opportunities to fully participate in all areas of the Australian community:

  1. Employment and financial security
  2. Inclusive homes and communities
  3. Safety, rights and justice
  4. Personal and community support
  5. Education and learning
  6. Health and wellbeing
  7. Community attitudes.

Targeted action plans

To facilitate the implementation of the 7 key outcomes in the Australia's Disability Strategy, the Federal Government has released targeted action plans. Each state disability plan must include targeted action plans. The targeted action plans are a set of actions on priority areas for change that are aimed at improving the outcomes and experiences of people with disability. There are currently 5 targeted action plans with more to be released during the life of the Australia's Disability Strategy.

Two of these targeted action plans align to TMR's core business in delivering an accessible and integrated transport network to all Queenslanders. TMR is required to provide progress reports on the targeted action plans as part of this plan:


The employment targeted action plan is designed to drive progress under the Employment and financial security outcome area in the Australia's Disability Strategy. This outcome area aims to ensure people with disability have economic security, enabling them to plan for the future, and exercise choice and control over their lives. A key component of economic security is employment, and this targeted action plan will be a key contribution to this outcome area.

Community attitudes

The community attitudes targeted action plan is designed to drive progress under the Community attitudes outcome area in the Australia's Disability Strategy. This outcome area aims to ensure that community attitudes improve and enable people with disability to have full equality, inclusion and participation in society. The community attitudes targeted action plan sets out key actions to improve community attitudes towards people with disability to influence changes in behaviour.

The 3 remaining targeted action plans relate to early childhood education, safety (legal rights and justice), and emergency management response.

Boarding a maxi taxi using the wheelchair assistance

Last updated 30 January 2023