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State Disability Plan

The State Disability Plan focuses on 4 priority areas of the Australia’s Disability Strategy to develop inclusive workplaces and communities for people in Queensland living with disability:

1. Our service users – Developing services that are safe and inclusive and ensure a person-centred user experience for all. Ensure services for First Nations people are delivered by First Nations people.

2. Our people – Building an inclusive workplace to increase the participation of people with disability in the public service and ensure financial security, ongoing employment and career development.

3. Our places – Making public places accessible for people of all abilities across Queensland and in regional areas.

4. Our community – Changing attitudes and behaviours to ensure our community is safe, respectful, and inclusive for all Queenslanders

The Queensland Government acknowledges that changing the way we do things requires greater effort and a genuine responsibility to reform. Through the State Disability Plan there is a commitment to implement these four systemic reforms across the Queensland Government. The new TMR Disability Services Plan 2022–2025 will embed the 4 reforms in policies, programs, and services.

The State Disability Plan outcomes framework is based on 4 building blocks designed to ensure best outcomes are achieved in each government agency disability services plan. The building blocks underpin actions that relate to reform directions and have a whole of government or multiagency focus, or broad systemic applicability.

The four building blocks

1. Co-design: an opportunity to consult and/or engage with community advocates and stakeholders to design, or develop solutions for products, services, and policies to meet community needs.

2. Measurement of outcomes and impact: will assess whether an action is working by testing, learning, and reviewing a process or procedure to improve service design and delivery.

3. Human rights: focused on ensuring the promotion and protection of the rights of people with disability underpins policies, programs, and services.

4. Cultural and system changes: designed to grow inclusion for people with disability by identifying structural and system barriers for equal and full participation in workplaces and community.

The outcomes framework is a key part of the State Disability Plan as it tracks, reports, and measures the outcomes for people with disability across all 4 areas. This will drive change for people with disability and will also help us to track if the lives of people with disability are improving over time.

Customer in wheelchair at customer service counter

Last updated 30 January 2023