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Promotion, encouragement and behaviour change

Travel behaviour change initiatives

Travel behaviour change programs can include:

  • household/community-based initiatives
  • workplaces
  • schools/education facilities
  • events.

Useful resources

Encouragement programs and walking groups

Walking for short trips can be an easy way to include physical activity into daily routines. Yet raising awareness of these benefits is often not enough to create walking lifestyles across our communities and at different life stages.

How we travel or choose to spend our recreational time can become habitual. A short car trip to school or the shops becomes a routine that is unlikely to change without an encouraging nudge.

Not-for-profit organisations such as 10,000 Steps and The Heart Foundation (Walking Program) can support individuals and groups to develop walking habits.

TMR endorsed guidance

Other useful resources

Maps and walking tracks

Maps (printed, online or on mobile phone applications) are useful tools to promote walking routes and facilities.

Special events

Events can be large-scale or small-scale, on-street or off-street.

To run a special event in Queensland that may either directly, or indirectly, impact roads, traffic or transport arrangements, event organisers must obtain written approval from the Queensland Police Service and public authorities such as the local council or TMR.

There is an opportunity for event organisers to promote and accommodate sustainable travel (such as walking) as part of the travel options for event attendees.

TMR endorsed guidance

Other useful resources

  • Gold Coast Travel Behaviour Change Plan 2017-2022, Event Travel Program (City of Gold Coast, 2017)
Last updated
31 August 2021