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TraSiS is an electronic implementation of the traffic sign support structural design procedure outlined in Main Roads Design Guide for Roadside Signs (2001). TraSiS Version 3.0 is a free software program which includes additional features that significantly enhance the sign support structural design task. This guide does not cover cantilevers and gantries that overhang the carriageway.

The software automates the design procedure utilising the following user inputs:

  • Sign size
  • Terrain cross-section
  • Use of frangible or non-frangible supports
  • Selection of wind region (in accordance with AS1170.2)
  • Foundation strength.

A detailed or summary output is provided, and includes:

  • The number and type (CHS/RHS) of supports
  • Support section details (including variable wall thickness for different grades of steel)
  • Stiffener type, spacing and number of brackets
  • Footing details.

TraSiS also includes a clear zone module, which calculates clear zone distances in accordance with Chapter 8 of Main Roads Road Planning and Design Manual, based on the following variables:

  • Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)
  • Horizontal alignment
  • Speed environment
  • Terrain cross-section.

Consequently, the user can specify frangible or non-frangible support requirements within TraSiS, contingent upon the clear zone, sign location and sign support dimensions.

  1. Download the file "TraSiS.exe" to a temporary directory.
  2. Run "TraSiS.exe" to install TraSiS.

A default program group "Main Roads" will automatically be created or it can be installed in the destination directory nominated during the install process (the default install directory is C:\Program Files\Main Roads\TraSiS).

  • Up to Windows 7 


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Last updated
11 February 2019