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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Transport and Main Roads 12D model customisation

Transport and Main Roads customisation for 12d Model is a collection of custom files incorporating the current string labelling convention, colours, linestyles, mapping files and utilities.

The 12d Model customisation is available for download and use by external designers and surveyors performing road design and surveying work for the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland.

Installing the customisation

Customisation for 12d Model V15 (release November 2023)

TMR 12d customisation V15.1.0 installation steps:

  1. Read the installation notes for TMR 12d Model Customisation V15.1.0
  2. Download and run TMR 12d Customisation V15.1.0

System requirements

  • Windows 10 
  • 12d® Model™ Version V15.0C1j

Full technical support is limited to users who are employees of the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland or consultants performing work for the department.

For more information contact CADD Systems via the IT Service Centre:

Phone: 07 3066 2000

If your request is of an urgent nature, follow your email up with a phone call to 07 3066 2000, as the Service Centre mailbox is primarily for non-urgent requests.

12d Model installation notes

The customisation content is packaged as a self-extracting zip (TMR12dCustV1510ext.exe).

The default extract path is 'C:\ProgramData\TMR\12d.Model'


The self-extractor file contains the TMR 12d Customisation starting at the folder ‘V15.1.0’.

If a different extract path is used for the customisation then there are several files in the customisation that contain paths that will need modifying. You can use the program '.\V15.1.0\TMR_Configure_12d.exe' to perform this operation.

The following actions will be performed as required:

  • Perform a search and replace on selected files to reflect the extraction path if different from the default.
  • Update the environment variable AUTHORIZATION_4D in ‘User\env_default’ to set the location to your 12d licence file.
  • Create a shortcut on the desktop to launch 12d Model V15 against the TMR 12d Customisation.

If the default extraction path is chosen, you should see the following dialogues.


If the customisation has not been extracted to the default folder, the following dialogues will be presented.


Last updated 24 November 2023