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The Roadside Impact Severity Calculator (RISC) is a free application developed by Transport and Main Roads based on a methodology established by the American Association of State Highway Transport Officials (AASHTO) published in the Roadside Design Guide.

RISC allows the user to input road and hazard characteristics, together with potential treatment options.

The software performs a quantitative economic evaluation of hazardous roadside objects by calculating a benefit cost ratio for treatment options. Designers can then select a treatment, based on the goal of achieving a return on investment consistent with other road infrastructure projects.

RISC is intended to be used in conjunction with the Department’s Road Planning and Design Manual 2nd Edition Volume 3, Part 6 “Roadside Design, Safety and Barriers”.

Installation – RISC V6.0.2.0 (12/2021)

  1. Download the file 'TMR.Risc6020.msi' to a temporary directory. 

  2. Right click 'TMR.Risc6020.msi' and select Install.

    Open Windows 11, "Right-click > Open" will work. Alternatively, "Right-click > Show more options > Install".

    Your will be prompted for administrative credentials, if your configuration requires them.

    The RISC software will be installed in the directory you nominate during the install process and a TMR.RISC shortcut will be created in Start > All Programs > TMR.

  3. Refer to ‘RISC > Help > RISC Version Notes’ for What’s new in this version.


To be notified of updates to RISC, email Register Contact Details and provide your contact details in the e-mail body.

Crash cost

The installation includes current crash costs for utilisation in the RISC program that were current at the time of release. Users of RISC should seek advice from the Project Manager regarding which set of crash cost values to use.

Updates to the Parameters.xml file will be posted below annually for those with existing installations.

The Parameters.xml file can be found in C:\ProgramData\Transport and Main Roads\TMR.RISC\<RISC Version>\Data. For example:

C:\ProgramData\Transport and Main Roads\TMR.RISC\\Data

The latest crash costs will now be available, the only caveat being that the initial crash cost, selected in a new project, will be the latest for your version of RISC. You will need to manually select the later data.

RISC crash cost updates

System requirements

  • Windows 7 32/64
  • Windows 10 32/64
  • Windows 11 32/64

For more information contact Engineering and Technology Branch via the Service Centre:

Service Centre
Phone: (07) 3066 2000
Last updated 22 May 2023