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TraSiS is a free software program used to design traffic sign support structure. TraSiS Version 4.1 includes features that significantly enhance the sign support structural design task and has been updated in accordance with the revised design parameters of the Traffic and Road Use Management (TRUM) manual Volume 3 Signing and Pavement Marking, Part 5: Design Guide for Roadside Signs. The program does not cover cantilevers and gantries that overhang the carriageway.

The software automates the design procedure utilising the following user inputs:

  • Sign size
  • Terrain cross-section
  • Use of frangible or non-frangible supports
  • Selection of wind region (in accordance with AS1170.2)
  • Foundation strength.

A detailed or summary output is provided, and includes:

  • The number and type (CHS/RHS) of supports
  • Support section details (including variable wall thickness for different grades of steel)
  • Stiffener type, spacing and number of brackets
  • Footing details.

TraSiS currently includes a clear zone module to assist in the selection of frangible posts. This module calculates a simplified and generalised clear zone distance in accordance with AGRD Part 6: Roadside Design, Safety and Barriers Section 4.2.2, based on the following variables:

  • Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)
  • Horizontal alignment
  • Speed environment
  • Terrain cross-section.

This TraSiS clear zone calculation is only to be considered as guidance and must be verified by an RPEQ.

Consequently, the user can specify frangible or non-frangible support requirements within TraSiS, contingent upon the clear zone, sign location and sign support dimensions.

TraSiS version 4.1 enhancements

The following amendments to version 4.0 have been made:

  • Enforce character limit on input fields.
  • Handle and report incompatible stiffener limits.
  • Ensure design notes are wrapped when printing.
  • Correct post length inaccuracies.
  • Allow printing from non-default databases for non-administrators.
  • Populate Job Code/Job Section/Sign Position fields with the values from the currently open design in the “Save As" dialogue.
  • Change the current database to the one selected in the “Save As” dialogue on a successful save.
  • Add an informational field to the main window which contains the path and name of the current database.
  • “Distance to carriageway” unable to be increased beyond extent of second slope segment.
  • Fix Open/Print of design with manually increased number of supports.
  • Display all slope segments, disregarding the zoom-out level decreasing sign size.
  • Increase maximum permitted gradient % to 100% in slope segment tab.
  1. Download the TraSiS application (32-bit or 64-bit) to a temporary directory.
  2. Run “TraSiSSetup.exe” (32-bit version) or “TraSiSSetup_x64.exe” (64-bit version) to install TraSiS.

TraSiS will be installed in the default directory C:\Program Files (x86)\TMR\TraSiS.

  • Up to Windows 10 


Feedback and support

For more information contact Traffic Engineering Practice via email

Last updated 09 December 2020