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OSRoad — Operating Speed Modeller — is a Microsoft Windows application that applies the Operating Speed Model to predict the 85th percentile operating speed for cars on rural roads under light traffic conditions.

OSRoad automates the processes and standards documented in the Road Planning and Design Manual.

A summary of the applied modelling rules is documented in the OSRoad help file.

OSRoad can be used in two distinct modes of operation:

  1. Manual entry operations apply when OSRoad is launched using regular means and the alignment data is entered and edited via the built-in OSRoad forms alone.
  2. 12d Model™ operations apply when OSRoad is launched via the companion OSRoad macro within the 12d Model™ application.

Maintenance and support details

OSRoad is provided free of charge. The provision of full technical support is limited to users who are employees of the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland or consultants performing work for the department.

To view copyright and other legal details, refer to the End User Licence Agreement displayed during the installation, or in the 'Help>About' dialog in the OSRoad application.

For more information contact CADD Systems via the Service Centre:

Service Centre
Phone: (07) 3066 2000

Version Information

This version of OSRoads is designated v2.0.1.28846

What's new:

  • improvements in the application of Operating Speed modelling rules.
  • added schematic view of alignment.
  • updated user interface.
  • improved interoperation with 12 Model™ and updated 12d macro


The OSRoad installation is available below. The OSRoad help file is provided as an optional standalone download if required.


  1. Download the installation file to a folder on your hard drive.
  2. If you have a previous version of OSRoad, go to 'Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs' and remove it.
  3. Unzip the download file ( and run the installation file OSRoad201.msi — follow the instructions (install as Administrator or with administrator privileges).
  4. A program group will be created for all users: Start\Programs\OSRoad
  5. For a more detailed description of the program, refer to the OSRoad help file that is accessible after installation.

System requirements

Windows XP Professional SP3 or Windows 7

Last updated 30 August 2022