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Traffic Sign Computer Aided Design (TraSiCAD) is an easy-to-use Windows application developed by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads to interactively design road signs.

Fully dimensioned guide signs that conform to Australian Standard 1743:2018 (Road signs - Specifications) can be created using a "wizard" tool, or alternatively, non-standard signs can be created from first principles. Australian Standard arrow types, roundabouts, diagrammatic direction symbols and route marker shields are provided, as well as a comprehensive selection of service and tourist symbols. Non-standard images can also be imported.

TraSiCAD can export to EMF, BMP and JPG files.

The TraSiCAD wizard enables the following signs to be quickly created:

  • Advance direction signs (G1-1, G1-2, G1-4, G1-5 and G1-6)
  • Intersection direction signs (G2-1, G2-2, and G2-4)
  • Road name boards (G2-3)
  • Rural road name finger boards (G3-3)
  • Reassurance direction signs (G4-1)

Sign face templates are provided for kilometre plates, warning signs, give way signs, stop signs, pedestrian crossing signs and route markers.


TraSiCAD application is protected by a software locking tool. New installations will operate for a 30-day free trial period, before expiring and prompting the user for an 'unlock code'. The software can be licensed (unlocked) at any time, either during or after the trial period, by completing and submitting the TraSiCAD order form. It is important to specify the software serial number on this form so that a personalised unlock code to be generated and supplied.

TraSiCAD has a single machine licence which can be transferred as required with a simple transfer process (refer to Chapter 3 - Licensing, found in the TraSiCAD User Manual).

TraSiCAD is licensed annually and it is recommended that users keep track of their renewal date. Please allow up to 4 weeks for renewal to take place.

The cost for a single licence is $800 plus GST.


Standards Australia have developed new fonts to be used in all road sign designs. Transport and Main Roads have approved a font supplier of AS1744 (2015) fonts. You may contact the supplier directly to purchase the fonts. See Traffic engineering, traffic management and road safety approved products and registered suppliers for information about approved font suppliers.


TraSiCAD version 2.9.3 accommodates changes to the Wizards so that fonts, sign border widths and corner radii comply with AS1743:2018 Road signs - Specifications. It also incorporates updates to the recently published AS1742.15 - Direction signs.


New installation

  1. Download the file to a temporary directory and unzip it.
  2. An Administrator should install TraSiCAD on a local drive by running “Install_TraSiCAD_v2.930.msi" from the previously created temporary directory. A default program group "Trasicad" will be created in C:\Program Files (x86)\TMR\Trasicad.
  3. This will then install the new version 2.9.3 containing all signs and symbols.
  4. The Administrator should run the newly installed TraSiCAD software first. The program will generate a serial number which should be emailed to to receive an unlock code. After receiving the unlock code, the administrator should register the software, exit the program and log off.
  5. The user then should log in with their user account and run TraSiCAD.

TraSiCAD Upgrade installation

  1. Download the file to a temporary directory.
  2. To install TraSiCAD, run "Install_TraSiCAD_v2.930.msi" from the previously created temporary directory. The program will overwrite the old TraSiCAD version. TraSiCAD will be created in C:\Program Files (x86)\TMR\Trasicad.
  3. TraSiCAD will then be installed containing all signs and symbols.
  4. Version 2.9.3 can be installed directly over a currently installed version without affecting licensed conditions or validity.


TraSiCAD application

TraSiCAD symbol library

TraSiCAD order form (Please note: this form must be downloaded prior to filling out and cannot be completed in browser mode. Please enable JavaScript before filling out the form, if prompted)

TraSiCAD user manual

TraSiCAD user manual amendment register (records versions of and changes to user manual)

System requirements

Up to Windows 10


Feedback and support

For more information, contact Traffic Engineering Practice via email


Last updated 29 January 2024