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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Transport and Main Roads Trimble Business Center customisation

Transport and Main Roads customisation for Trimble Business Center is a collection of custom files designed to facilitate the import, processing, adjustment and export of GNSS control networks. The customisation incorporates a ribbon, project templates and formats for import and export. Trimble Business Center customisation is available for download and use by external surveyors performing surveying work for the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland.

Installing the customisation

Customisation for Trimble Business Center (release 19 February 2024)

  1. Download and extract TBC Version
  2. Read TBC Version 2023.1 - External Installation Instructions
  3. Read TBC Version 2023.1 - Post Installation Instructions
  4. For older versions of the customisation contact Survey Technologies via the Service Centre.

Note: Surveying support documents contains a link to the Trimble Business Center Processing Manual.

System requirements

  • Windows 10
  • Trimble Business Center Version 2023.1

Full technical support is limited to users who are employees of the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland or consultants performing work for the department.

For more information contact Survey Technologies via the Service Centre: Service Centre
Phone: 13000 62000

If your request is of an urgent nature, could you please follow your email up with a phone call to 13000 62000, as the Service Centre mailbox is primarily for non-urgent requests.

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Last updated 03 March 2024