Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line, planning

The detailed business case for a proposed new direct Sunshine Coast heavy rail connection between Beerwah and Maroochydore is progressing for consideration.

The proposed 37km Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line would expand the South East Queensland rail network through a proposed spur line from the North Coast Line at Beerwah to Maroochydore.

This proposed line would provide faster, more reliable and sustainable connections between the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay and Brisbane regions. It will connect people to jobs, study, health services and key tourist destinations.

It will provide easy public transport access and connectivity between the hinterland and coastal communities, with new stations, park 'n' rides and active transport facilities being planned.

The new rail line would help to reduce congestion on the road network and provide more accessible, inclusive and sustainable travel options.

A detailed business case is the final stage of planning, under the Queensland Government’s Project Assessment Framework, before a funding decision.

The detailed business case is progressing for consideration. 

The rail line is proposed to interchange with buses and the Sunshine Coast Public Transport project at key locations to increase public transport opportunities for the growing Sunshine Coast community, as outlined in the Southern Sunshine Coast Public Transport Strategy.

The planning also considers key road and rail interfaces along the proposed rail corridor, including the Kawana Motorway and Mooloolah River Interchange.

The Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line, planning project builds on the 2001 Caboolture to Maroochydore Corridor Study to confirm corridor alignment and station locations based on passenger demand and current land use planning, technical requirements, rail standards and legislation.


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Increases car parks
  • Accessibility
  • Reduces travel time
  • Contributes to economy
  • Contributes to regional growth
  • Better active transport
  • Reduces peak hour congestion

Key features

  • A 37km rail extension between Beerwah and Maroochydore to increase public transport opportunities.
  • New stations along the corridor.
  • Park 'n' rides and associated facilities to increase accessibility.
  • Active transport provisions along the corridor to improve safety and encourage these transport modes.
  • Maintenance access, stabling and operational facilities. 


This planning is funded by the Queensland Government with a commitment of $14 million. Investment ID 2474924

Total investment
$14 million
Queensland Government
$14 million

Current status

Community consultation closed on 10 December 2023.

We are now progressing a detailed business case for consideration. 


The sustainability principles will be linked to specific targets and objectives within the Infrastructure Sustainability Management Plan to optimise environmental, social, economic and governance outcomes.

The project will be using the Infrastructure Sustainability Council Rating Scheme Version 2.1 for both design and as built phases of construction.

Planning location map

Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line - October 2023

This map shows the Caboolture to Maroochydore Corridor Study corridor (protected in 2001). The department proposes to refine the corridor as part of the Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line detailed business case.