Centenary Bridge Upgrade Community Consultation Summary Report October 2022

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Community participation

Initial community consultation was completed between 19 August 2021 and 19 September 2021. Health directives to prevent the spread of COVID-19 meant that planned community information sessions and face-to-face meetings could not be held.

Given the disruption to face-to-face sessions, we continued to collate feedback throughout the remainder of September and October 2021, including any additional incoming submission up to and including 20 October 2021.

We received 232 pieces of feedback from 201 unique stakeholders. Some stakeholders emailed, called or contacted local Electorate Offices a to submit multiple pieces of feedback.

Feedback received included: 

  • 199 emails
  • 23 phone calls
  • 4 meetings
  • 2 letters 
  • Elected Representatives (Federal, State and Local). 

Consultation feedback summary

  • 9 Stakeholders fully supported the project
  • 59 did not support the project
  • 113 stakeholders were happy the project was going ahead but would have preferred a larger scope to include upgrading the motorway as well
  • 20 stakeholders remained neutral.

The concerns and issues raised, and questions asked were reflected in the written feedback with the most frequently mentioned topics:

  • Needs to include more – not literally just the bridge.
  • The whole Centenary Motorway needs upgrading – what is the plan if this is stage 1?
  • This does not help congestion at all.
  • You are simply moving the bottleneck across the river – waste of money vs advertised benefit.
  • Construction impacts on the local community – why can’t the project include more, not just the bridge?
  • Public transport – why are we not looking at light rail, bus lanes, additional city cats/ferries. Less cars on the road (including why not use the Kenmore Bypass land for light rail/active transport corridor).
  • Active transport – needs to address more than just the bridge.
  • Noise barriers – why are these not included?

As a result of additional questions being asked during consultation, we have updated the frequently asked questions.

Next steps

We have considered the feedback provided through the consultation.

Construction timings and impacts will be determined once a construction contract has been awarded. We will continue to work closely with key stakeholders, including impacted local businesses, residents and community interest groups as the project progresses.