Coomera Connector (Stage 1) sustainability policy

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The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and its contractors are committed to managing the design and construction phases of the Coomera Connector (Stage 1) in a way that supports environmental, social and ecological outcomes through sustainable infrastructure development.

By embedding sustainability into the planning, construction and operation of the Coomera Connector (Stage 1), the project will commit to:

  • mitigate environmental, social and economic impacts
  • respect and value the natural environment and enhance biodiversity
  • work with the local community to leave a positive legacy
  • advance diversity in the workforce
  • investigate clean energy options
  • consider sustainability aspects in the procurement process
  • engage with suppliers to assess and refine a sustainable supply chain
  • engage staff and contractors to use equipment and materials responsibly
  • reduce potential waste to landfill by reducing, reusing and recycling
  • assess and consider climate change aspects and impacts
  • implement restorative actions that result in net positive benefit for society and the environment
  • minimise greenhouse gas footprint of materials, whole-of-life emissions and costs.

In addition to these sustainable initiatives, the project will also:

  • protect and enhance natural environment values
  • develop active transport and accessibility improvements for the community
  • support local industry participation
  • incorporate workforce development opportunities
  • promote workforce health and safety.

As part of our commitment to sustainable infrastructure development, the Coomera Connector (Stage 1) team will work with the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC) to monitor the level of sustainable practice embedded within the project works and will strive for an overall rating of 'Excellent'.