Queensland Train Manufacturing Program

The Queensland Train Manufacturing Program was established to meet the increasing demand for rail transport in South East Queensland over the next 10 years.

The Queensland Government's $7.1 billion Queensland Train Manufacturing Program will build 65 new six-car passenger trains at a purpose-built manufacturing facility at Torbanlea, in the Maryborough region.

As part of the program a new rail facility will also be constructed at Ormeau, in the Gold Coast region. 

The Queensland Train Manufacturing Program will support South East Queensland's population and economic growth, as well as Cross River Rail and the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Construction of the facilities, trains, and maintenance of the fleet will support Queensland jobs now and into the future. The program brings with it a pipeline of training and development opportunities to bolster Queensland as the train building capital of Australia.

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  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Contributes to economy
  • Contributes to regional growth

Key features

The Queensland Train Manufacturing Program includes funding for:

  • construction of 65 six-car passenger trains
  • a $239 million purpose-built manufacturing facility in the Maryborough region for major manufacturing/assembly works for the new fleet
  • construction of a new rail facility in Ormeau
  • the ongoing operation and maintenance of the fleet and rail facility.


Investment ID: 1804863

Total investment
$7.1 billion
Queensland Government
$7.1 billion

Current status

Early works activities are now underway in preparation for major construction to begin on the Torbanlea manufacturing facility in 2023. 

The early works activities include:

  • establishing a site access at the Bruce Highway (2km south of the BP station)
  • establishing a site access at Ritchie Road, Torbanlea which will commence from late 2022
  • roadworks at several locations in Torbanlea
  • ongoing environmental and cultural heritage assessments.

We are currently assessing the detailed proposals from the shortlisted applicants, Alstom, CAF and Downer Rail. It is expected the preferred applicant will be announced at the end of 2022. While information about the designs of the manufacturing facility, rail facility and trains will be known in 2023.

Strict probity requirements remain in place throughout the evaluation process. Compliance with probity requirements is critical to ensuring a fair procurement process.

You can request a copy of the probity governance and guidelines of the Queensland Train Manufacturing Program by emailing qtmp@tmr.qld.gov.au.


We've undertaken early and comprehensive engagement with the disability sector to co-design the new trains, to ensure that the fleet is compliant, accessible and functional for all passengers.

We have taken onboard all recommendations from the New Generation Rollingstock Commission of Inquiry, and are working closely with Commissioner Michael Forde and the Queensland Accessible Transport Advisory Council.

An accessibility advisor has been appointed to the program.

Torbanlea manufacturing facility

We assessed several sites within a 25km radius of Maryborough before selecting the Torbanlea site. In 2021, we acquired the land for the manufacturing facility under the Acquisition of Land Act 1967 (Qld). Read more about how we acquire land.

We conducted extensive environmental assessments at the site and surrounding areas, including flora and fauna investigations. These results will guide the design and construction of the manufacturing facility.

It is expected that only the land needed for the footprint of the facility will be cleared. Future rehabilitation works are planned to restore vegetation native to the project site.

The design and inclusions of the facility is dependant on the proposal developed by the successful applicant, as well as environmental and planning approvals.

Different impacts can be expected during each stage of the project. This can include:

  • increased vehicle movements for the delivery of materials
  • changes to usual traffic conditions
  • construction noise and dust.

We will make sure impacts are managed and keep the local community informed as the project progresses.

Construction of the manufacturing facility is expected to start in early 2023.

Maryborough region community engagement

We are committed to keeping the local community updated on the status of the Queensland Train Manufacturing Program. 

From 27 April to 7 May 2022, 5 information sessions were held across the Maryborough region. More than 500 locals attended to discuss the program, as well as jobs and opportunities that will be generated for the region.

Ormeau rail facility

A new rail facility will support the Queensland Train Manufacturing Program fleet. The new site is in Ormeau next to the existing rail line between Prairie Road and Goldmine Road.

The rail facility will include: 

  • workshops
  • office facilities
  • internal access roads
  • internal train tracks
  • train wash 
  • stabling facilities and other maintenance infrastructure.

The design concept for the rail facility will be available in 2023. At the same time, we will ask for the community for feedback about the design concept.

Rail facility update

Site investigations are currently taking place at the site. This process includes geotechnical, cultural heritage and ecological surveys.

A compulsory land acquisition process has been undertaken. We are engaging with affected landowners, affected tenants and people that live, work or study near the site. 

Early works are expected to start in 2023, subject to procurement and approvals, with major construction to start shortly after.

Construction is expected to be completed by 2025, weather permitting. 

Project map

Proposed Ormeau rail facility site map

Supply chain information

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