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Information for taxi drivers and operators

Personalised transport industry fee relief

Due to COVID-19:
• all existing taxi licences are automatically being extended for 6 months
• booked hire/taxi driver authorisation holder's fees are being waived for 6 months, and
• you can cancel and re-register your vehicle without some of the usual fees.

More information 

Changes have been made to strengthen taxi customer safety standards, accessibility and accountability, and increase transparency for passenger fares. 

Read more about the reform and the new framework for the personalised transport industry.

Information for taxi operators and drivers:

New driver training requirements
Peak demand management plans
Advertising restrictions
Monitoring and reporting
Driver disaffiliation
Requirement to carry written notice
Disclose taxi service licence values
Maximum payment surcharge
Taxi bailment
Display of Authorised Driver – Booked Hire and Taxi Display Card

Information on disability services:

Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) and wheelchair lift payment

Safety information:

Vehicle security cameras
Secure ranks
Child restraints

Last updated
12 May 2020