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MUTCD Q-series and TC signs

The TC signs are a collection of non-standard traffic control (TC) signs that have been 'officially approved' as required by the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995.

Included in this register are the MUTCD Q-series signs. These signs can be found in Part 1 of the MUTCD and are designed for specific use in Queensland.

The TC signs and Q-series signs are updated quarterly in March, July, September and December. To ensure you are using the most recent signs, it is recommended that you subscribe to receive email alerts when the signs are updated.

A list of amendments is also available to download.

MUTCD Q-series signs

TC signs full collection and index

To search for a specific sign, download the zipped version (ZIP, 171 MB) of the full TC signs collection. Before choosing this option, please consider whether the large file size is appropriate for your circumstances. To speed up the process of searching the TC signs, an index is also provided in the zip file.

Double click on 'TC signs index.pdx' in the 'TC signs index' folder. Search appears as a separate window that you can move, resize, minimize, or arrange partially or completely behind the PDF window. It is recommended that you click on the 'Arrange Windows' button before typing the word(s) in the search bar.

TC signs by categories

Each category of TC Sign has been combined and zipped. Use the filter below to search the list for the category you need.

After downloading and unzipping a category, you can view at a glance all pdf files in that folder by changing the view to large or extra large icons in your Windows Explorer. If the icons don't appear, ensure that thumbnail preview is enabled in your Acrobat Reader DC. Open Acrobat Reader DC and on the Edit menu, choose Preferences and in the General tab select the 'Enable PDF thumbnail previews in Windows Explorer' check box.

Filter the list below:

bicyclists; bike; cyclist; cycle; bicycle; bikeway; Bicyclists
bridge; low bridge; load limit; Bridge
bus; buses; busway; Buses
camera monitoring; camera; driver behaviour; monitor; Camera monitoring
community; neighbourhood watch; traffic Community
diversion; alternative; route; Diversion route
CMS; variable; electronic; variable message sign; message; LED Electronic
speed cameras; police; speed limit; red light camera; enforcement; Enforcement
environment; environmental area; weed; waste; Environmental
event signage; runners; Event
flooding; water; Flooding
Help phones
boat ramp; trailer; pontoon; Marine
motorcycle; Motorcyclists
no standing; bus zone; traffic area; Parking
underpass; path; Pedestrians
no trolleys; no fishing; no diving; Prohibition
commuter car park; station; rail station; park and ride; interchange; Public transport
logo; crest; Qld Government logo
level crossing; railway Railway level crossing
rest area; driver reviver; fatigue; crash zone; revive Rest area, driver reviver and fatigue
gravel road; Road conditions
speed; fatigue; children crossing; Road safety
b-doubles; long vehicle; road trains; oversize vehicles; over dimension vehicles; wide loads Road trains and oversized vehicles
electronic; high impact; multi message plates; temporary; Roadworks
route; identification; markers Route and identification markers
service; symbols; stopping bay; cyclone; shelter; mobile signal; Service signs and symbols
pavement; audible lines; overtaking; rumble strips Signing and pavement marking layouts
speed zone Speed
stock; sugar cane vehicles; cattle; Stock movement and sugar cane vehicles
school bus; watch for trucks; crest; trucks entering; on bridge; long vehicles; authorised buses excepted Supplementary plates
toll Toll road
tourism; heritage; trail; national park Tourist
trucks; heavy vehicles; vehicle inspection; dangerous goods; load limit Trucks and heavy vehicles
arrester bed; special warning; steep descent; climb; narrow; dips; crest; concealed driveways Warning
koala Wildlife

Superseded TC signs

Last updated
27 March 2019