Pacific Motorway, Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill Upgrade

Work is being undertaken on the Pacific Motorway, Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill Upgrade, to improve 8kms of the Pacific Motorway (M1) between the Gateway Motorway and Watland Street.

This project is the second stage of the Pacific Motorway M1 North upgrade program.

The Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill Upgrade is being delivered in 4 separate construction packages:


  • Improves safety
  • Increases traffic flow
  • Reduces travel time
  • Contributes to economy
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Improves flood immunity
  • Better road access
  • Better active transport

Key features

  • Widening up to 5 M1 northbound lanes from the Gateway Motorway to Watland Street.
  • Widening up to 4 M1 southbound lanes between Rochedale Road and Logan Road.
  • Extension of the South East Busway from Eight Mile Plains to Springwood.
  • New bus station and park 'n' ride at Rochedale.
  • Completion of the missing V1 cycleway link on the western side of the M1 from the Gateway Motorway to just north of Paradise Road. 


The project is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments. $750 million – Stage 2: Pacific Motorway, Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill. Investment ID 852345.

Total investment
$750 million
Australian Government
$510 million
Queensland Government
$240 million

Current status

Construction is currently underway for Packages 1, 2 and 3. Package 4 is in the detailed design phase. 

Project map

Schematic drawing highlighting upgrade features for the Pacific Motorway (M1), Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill, widen and extend busway project.

Schematic drawing showing the project extents for widening the M1 and V1 Veloway starting at Eight Mile Plains in the north and Daisy Hill to the south. Features include:

  • location for the new Rochedale bus station and park 'n' ride at the corner of Underwood and School Roads
  • location for the South East Busway extension between Eight Mile Plains and Springwood bus station
  • location for the new M1 on-ramp at Lexington Road, Underwood that will replace the Sports Drive M1 on-ramp, and a new shared use path from Springwood Road to the new Rochedale bus station at Underwood Road. 


We are committed to delivering on our sustainability policies and targets and to continually improving on our design and construction methods to achieve net positive impacts. Throughout design and construction for this upgrade, and in line with the project’s Infrastructure Sustainability Strategy, we will:

  • ensure people’s health and wellbeing are put first
  • explore available clean energy options for both design and construction
  • reduce the project’s reliance on potable water by exploring alternatives
  • promote workforce development opportunities
  • reduce waste to landfill by reducing, reusing, recycling or refusing
  • pursue and reward innovation in design and construction
  • consider environmental, social, economic and governance outcomes in significant decisions
  • engage with suppliers and subcontractors to procure materials and use the materials responsibly
  • work with the local community to leave a positive legacy
  • include strategies for adaptation to climate change into the project’s design
  • advance diversity and inclusiveness
  • respect and value the natural environment and enhance biodiversity.

For more information on our sustainability measures contact the project team.

Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill – project construction sequencing
A diagram showing the order that the upgrade works will be performed in

This diagram shows the view from Rochedale Road (Exit 19) looking south, indicating the order of works:

  1. New northbound M1 motorway lanes
  2. Relocate existing southbound motorway lanes onto old northbound motorway lanes
  3. Complete busway underpass and structures
  4. Open busway onto old southbound motorway lanes once these are completed

Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill upgrade flythrough

Video Transcript

The Queensland and Australia Governments are continuing to upgrade the Pacific Motorway to bring you safer and more reliable motorway travel.

This $749 million upgrade will upgrade an 8 kilometre section of the M1 between the Gateway Motorway and Loganlea Road, including improvements to public transport and cycling routes.

By building a better M1 you will spend less time on the roads and more time at home.

The Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill upgrade will follow on from completion of the M1/M3 Gateway Merge in mid-2020.

This $749 million project will upgrade an 8-kilometre section of the M1 and will include the missing link of the V1 Veloway. The upgrade will include improvements to public transport and cycling routes with busway extensions through to Springwood.

A new bus station and park 'n' ride facility at Rochedale will provide better transport connections. The south east busway will be extended from Eight Mile Plains to Springwood providing more transport options for commuters.

The motorway will be widened, up to 5 northbound lanes between Loganlea Road and the Gateway motorway, increasing capacity of the motorway, improving traffic flow and minimising congestion.

We'll also be improving pedestrian facilities along the way with better access to safer walking routes.

The project will upgrade and widen Rochedale Road allowing for safer access to the M1. By widening Rochedale Road to 3 lanes the project will create greater capacity, better connectivity and less congestion on local roads.

A new on ramp at Lexington Road will create easier and safer entry to the M1 and help to reduce merging congestion.

Upgrading connections such as the intersection of Logan and Compton Roads allows for smoother travel on to the M1 and utilising existing infrastructure such as Fitzgerald Avenue to ensure greater public transport connections and reliable travel times.

By upgrading the multi-modal facilities along the M1 corridor you will have more options than ever for finding your way home sooner.

We are giving you safer options for accessing the M1 and creating increased capacity for less congestion.

We'll also construct safer merging facilities for all road users. By extending and combining on ramps, points of conflict will be reduced creating a safer drive home for you.

We are building you a better M1 jointly funded by the Queensland and Australian Governments.

This upgrade is expected to commence in mid-2020.