Warrego Highway Upgrade Program

The 796km Warrego Highway is Queensland's principal east-west route, connecting people and freight from Charleville to Ipswich.

We are delivering improvements under the Warrego Highway Upgrade Program (WHUP) that are essential to the region's economic growth and will benefit the agriculture, resources and tourism industries. Under the WHUP we will deliver 20 projects between Toowoomba and west of Miles. The $635 million investment is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments, with the Australian Government contributing $508 million and the Queensland Government contributing $127 million.

The Warrego Highway upgrades will contribute to the nation's productivity by increasing efficiency, safety and reliability of the National Land Transport Network.

Current projects

Chinchilla open level rail crossing upgrade 

A $19 million project to improve safety at the open level rail crossing in Chinchilla. Construction began in May 2019. Package 4 (Colamba Street signals project) of the Oakey to Miles Safety Upgrade is being delivered with the open level crossing project.

Oakey – Miles safety upgrade

A $43.5 million project of road treatments to improve safety on the busiest sections of the highway. Package 1 was completed November 2017. Packages 2, 3 and 5 were completed in January 2019. Package 4 is being delivered with the Chinchilla open level rail crossing upgrade.

Warrego Highway East Creek and West Creek Culvert Upgrades

A joint $21.11 million project to improve flood immunity in Toowoomba. This project is funded through savings realised from completed WHUP projects. Construction activity started in mid-May 2020.

Community information

Disruption to travel due to road works on the Warrego Highway west of Toowoomba should be factored in to your travel plans. Be patient and observe all road signage and traffic management instructions.


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity


Total investment
$$635 million
Australian Government
$$508 million
Queensland Government
$$127 million

5 Projects in Warrego Highway Upgrade Program

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Warrego Highway East master plan – Dinmore to Helidon Spa

We are undertaking a planning study to determine the future requirements for the Warrego Highway Transport Corridor.

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Warrego Highway—Chinchilla open level crossing upgrade and Colamba Street signals

We will improve safety at the open level rail crossing and install traffic signals at the Colamba Street intersection in Chinchilla.

Warrego Highway Mount Crosby upgrade project area aerial image

Warrego Highway—Mount Crosby Road Interchange Upgrade

We have undertaken community consultation on the proposed Warrego Highway – Mount Crosby Road interchange upgrade. The proposed design is intended to improve traffic flow, reduce queuing and increase safety for motorists using the Mount Crosby Road interchange.

Wide centreline markings east of Chinchilla.

Warrego Highway—Oakey to Miles Safety Upgrade

We are delivering safety upgrades at key sites from Oakey to Miles through 5 works packages as part of the Warrego Highway Upgrade Program.

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Warrego Highway—Toowoomba East Creek and West Creek: culvert upgrades

We are delivering the Toowoomba East Creek and West Creek culvert upgrade projects, designed to improve community safety, accessibility and flood resilience.