Walkerston Bypass

We are building a new 2-lane rural highway to connect Peak Downs Highway west of Walkerston to the Mackay Ring Road near Paget.

The new Walkerston Bypass will become the designated heavy vehicle route for B-double and other multi-combination vehicles, including A-double road trains, between the Bruce Highway and the Peak Downs Highway.


  • Improves safety
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves flood immunity

Key features

  • A 1.5km overtaking section. 
  • A new flood-free bridge over Bakers Creek. 
  • 3 new road overpasses above the local cane railway network.

The project will:

  • re-direct heavy vehicles away from local schools, retail and medical facilities in Walkerston.
  • remove heavy vehicle and local traffic interactions through Walkerston.
  • be a direct route for heavy vehicles required by Bowen Basin coal producers. 
  • extend the life of a 74 year-old bridge, adjacent to a school yard.
  • reduce congestion through Walkerston.
  • integrating with existing works on the Peak Downs Highway–Eton Range Upgrade and Mackay Ring Road (Stage 1).


Jointly funded by the Australian (80%) and Queensland (20%) governments.

Total investment
$150 million
Australian Government
$120 million
Queensland Government
$30 million

Construction is scheduled to start early 2021, when Mackay Ring Road Stage 1 is complete.

Key milestones:

  • Mid-2019: Mid-2020: detailed design
  • Mid-2020: tenders for construction called
  • Late-2020: construction contract awarded
  • Early 2021: construction anticipated to commence
  • Late 2023: construction completed.
Walkerston Bypass location map

Walkerston Bypass location map