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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Data and Analytics Strategy 2023-2026

This strategy outlines the next steps we will take to improve our data and analytics capabilities and develop an ecosystem that informs an integrated, accessible transport network. 

Opportunities and challenges

  • Unlocking opportunities to gain efficiencies in service delivery and business performance.
  • Changing customer and stakeholder expectations in a fiscally constrained environment.
  • Breaking down barriers which inhibit collaboration and data sharing within and outside of Transport and Main Roads.
  • Leveraging rapidly evolving technology, including advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
  • Finding the balance between open data, data security and data commercialisation opportunities.
  • Competitive labour market impacting our ability to attract and retain talent.
  • Integration of diverse data sets, across multiple systems and tools, to support insights and a holistic view of our business, customers, and network.
  • Migration from and decommission of legacy systems.

Our priorities

Discoverability and useability 

We ensure quality data is discoverable and available in useable formats for our teams, partners, and customers. 

We will achieve this by:

  • Publishing quality data in accessible formats to empower all users to explore and gain timely and accurate insights, increasing trust in our data. 
  • Cataloguing departmental data assets in a consistent and efficient way to provide users with a single source of truth that allows them to discover and consume valuable assets.
  • Integrating data and using analytics to break down silos and deliver insights that improve business and customer outcomes. 

System and data security

We contribute to greater public sector accountability through securing private data and ensuring critical systems are impenetrable.

We will achieve this by:

  • Adhering to privacy and security policies and implementing appropriate controls to ensure confidential data continues to be protected. 
  • Sharing data that is appropriate and economical to deliver maximum customer value and economic benefit.
  • Collaborating across the department, government, industry, academia, and the community to facilitate data sharing to inform decisions, identify commercialisation opportunities and enable the development of innovative solutions to grow Queensland's economy.

Actionable insights 

We manage and use our data to inform decision-making, predict trends and respond to customer needs. 

We will achieve this by:

  • Using analytics to inform our decisions and enable the delivery of modern, customer-centric services.
  • Improving the management of our data, regardless of its scale, so we can use it to tell stories that matter and inform our decisions.
  • Utilising cloud-based technologies and advanced analytics to perform 'what-if' scenarios and predictive modelling, to gain a greater understanding of the impacts of our decisions and help us deliver our vision.

Maximised efficiencies 

We leverage our collective knowledge and data to drive efficiencies and productivity. 

We will achieve this by:

  • Leveraging data and analytics to help optimise our policies, decisions, services and infrastructure delivery, management and operations for business and customer benefit.
  • Adapting how we work to support cross-functional collaboration, regardless of location, to provide a holistic, balanced and evidence-based approach to solving problems and seeking insights. 
  • Sharing our experiences to generate interest and drive innovation so that we can pilot, scale, grow, and mature.

Capability uplift and enablement 

We promote continuous learning to sustainably uplift workforce capability to use data and analytics. 

We will achieve this by:

  • Equipping our workforce with data and analytics tools, techniques, platforms, and training to empower them to build capability to turn data into insights.
  • Partnering with technology and data providers and experienced practitioners to increase our collective knowledge, uplift our capability and embrace modern ways of working.
  • Providing clear frameworks underpinned by quality data and analytics to support our staff to make informed decisions.

Target outcomes

We will track our progress and success in achieving our priorities according to these indicators:

  • Increase in the use of data and analytics to inform key decisions that support the delivery of our vision for Queensland.
  • Data is accessed, shared, and used in accordance with our compliance obligations.
  • Improved data governance, with clear roles and responsibilities in place and understood across the department.
  • Increase in number and benefits to customers and industry using our data to support innovation and economic growth.
  • Improvements in transport network reliability, safety, and efficiency, driven by informed decisions using data and analytics.
  • Increased data literacy across a modern workforce that understands and uses data to support the delivery of customer-centric services.
  • All levels of the business value genuine data storytelling and use it to communicate honestly and transparently to both government and the public.

Download the Transport and Main Roads Data and Analytics Strategy 2023–2026.

Last updated 5 January 2023