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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Digital Strategic Plan 2021–2025

Our Digital Strategic Plan sets the strategic imperative for our ongoing journey to become a digital organisation and outlines a vision for a 'digitally-enabled, integrated and inclusive transport network connecting all Queenslanders'.

Aligned to our Strategic Plan, the strategy identifies 5 priority areas to guide the department towards delivering customer-centric, secure and reliable, data-driven, seamless and future-focused transport solutions and digital customer experiences.

Opportunities and challenges

The opportunities and challenges that have shaped our digital priorities and how we will deliver on these priorities include:

  • changing customer and stakeholder expectations
  • building customer trust in government services
  • diverse and geographically dispersed population
  • supporting economic recovery focused on delivery of essential government services
  • potential of new and emerging technologies to simplify processes and support efficient and effective government services
  • harnessing innovation to drive productivity improvements to support the Queensland economy into the future
  • analysis and effective use of increasing volumes of data
  • changing workforce demands in a post-COVID environment
  • breaking down the barriers that traditional policy, process and practices create in a digital age
  • innovating and adapting the way we work within a constrained fiscal environment.

Our digital priorities

Customer at the heart

We understand our customers and provide services to meet their diverse needs.

We will achieve this by:

  • using human-centred design approaches to ensure services are accessible, available digitally and inclusive of all users regardless of their ability and environment
  • our workforce adopting digital capabilities to identify and meet current and emerging customer and stakeholder expectations.

Secure and reliable

We leverage technology to increase the safety and security of our customers and their information.

We will achieve this by:

  • embracing security standards and principles and a consistent approach to the protection, privacy and ethical use of data in service design and delivery
  • leveraging technology and analytics to enhance the reliability, safety and resilience of the transport network.


We gain insight from data to improve customer experiences and make better and faster decisions.

We will achieve this by:

  • harnessing the availability and power of data and analytics to enable timely, informed decision-making
  • using and making data available to optimise the transport network and provide more timely and accurate service information to customers.


Our digital products and services are simple, intuitive and seamless for a better customer experience.

We will achieve this by:

  • adopting a OneTMR approach to designing digital services to ensure they are logically joined-up, personalised and efficient
  • leveraging technology to facilitate choice and enable the effortless movement of people and goods across different modes of transport.


We build capability and encourage behaviours that enable innovation and sustainability in the digital world.

We will achieve this by:

  • encouraging a culture of experimentation, learning and improvement, to support sustainable delivery of integrated transport experiences
  • educating our workforce and partners to operate digitally to reduce our ecological footprint and maximise efficient use of digital capabilities.

Indicators of success

We will track our progress and success in achieving our digital priorities according to these indicators:

  • increase in number and benefits of customers and industry using our digital products and services
  • our customers trust and are satisfied with our digital services
  • increase in the use of data and analytics in decision-making and delivery of services
  • increase in workforce participation in digital capability uplift activities
  • visible progress towards a OneTMR approach to joined-up digital services
  • our services meet security standards and principles
  • our workforce is equipped to deliver digitally-enabled services that meet customer needs
  • delivery of innovative transport solutions is enabled by technology and digital capabilities
  • improvements in transport network reliability, safety and efficiency.

Download the Transport and Main Roads Digital Strategic Plan 2021–2025.

Last updated 12 January 2024