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Department of Transport and Main Roads

SEQ Rail Connect

We are preparing the South East Queensland rail network for the future.

SEQ Rail Connect is a blueprint for how the Queensland Government will shape the rail network to meet the future needs of the growing South East Queensland region.

We are preparing the network to be ready for Cross River Rail, building new and upgraded stations and park n rides, laying new track, implementing new ticketing and signalling equipment and manufacturing new trains in Queensland.

SEQ Rail Connect sets out how our investments will be prioritised to ultimately deliver customers better journeys, more frequent services, more seats on more trains, and easier access to rail as a convenient and environmentally friendly way to travel.

As our region grows, the significant investments in SEQ Rail Connect will ensure the rail network keeps pace with customer expectations and continues to play its part in an integrated transport network accessible to everyone.

SEQ Rail Connect sets out three priority outcomes:

  • Getting ready for Cross River Rail with simplified and consistent service types and more reliable operations
  • Better journeys with more frequent and faster services and greater comfort with more trains and more seats
  • Easier access to more locations with new and upgraded stations and better connections between home, work, study, leisure and essential services.

A redesign of the network is essential to prepare for Cross River Rail. In the coming years we will change 4 key aspects of the SEQ rail network:

  • Line pairs – we will change which train lines are 'paired' with each other
  • Inner city stations – some trains will service the existing surface stations, others will service the new Cross River Rail stations
  • Service types – two consistent and distinct types will be introduced - long distance express; suburban turn up and go
  • As a result, we will change the timetables for trains and buses

Download SEQ Rail Connect for more details. A 1 page view design of the the SEQ Rail Connect document is also available.

Last updated 12 January 2024